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About the ONF SDN Skills Certification

The ONF-Certified SDN Professional Program (OCSP) provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral knowledge and skills validation for engineering professionals wishing to improve their careers and gain advancement in the world of software defined networking. The program seeks to provide independent validation of both concept level skills for new entrants as well as technical level engineering skills for professionals working in SDN environments, either development or deployment. The OCSP seeks to align itself with the ever-evolving nature of knowledge domains within SDN, and will create a series of knowledge domain blueprints that will allow training organizations and self-study participants an opportunity to create a wide ecosystem of training materials, online and in-person training events, and self-study curricula that can guide professional development. Furthermore, it is hoped that this foundational vendor-neutral knowledge can complement vendor-specific certifications in SDN so as to eliminate duplication of effort.

Currently offered is the is the ONF-Certified SDN Associate certification (OCSA 2.0). The aim of this certification is to validate knowledge of foundational concepts in SDN including P4. The certification exam can be taken online, and will be helpful in validating the skills and knowledge of individuals working in the SDN professional ecosystem who are not involved in actual development and management of SDN (product marketing professionals, sales and support professionals, entry-level engineers, etc.).

About the ONF

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a user-driven organization dedicated to the promotion and adoption of Software Defined Networking through open standards development. Their development and introduction of the OpenFlow® Standard is the first SDN standard and a vital element of an open software-defined network architecture.

The ONF emphasizes an open, collaborative development process that is driven from the end-user perspective. Today, it continues to analyze SDN requirements, evolve the OpenFlow® Standard to address the needs of commercial deployments, and research new standards to expand SDN benefits.

About Perpetual Solutions and the ONF

Perpetual Solutions is a authorized training partner with the ONF. We have the skills, experience and expertise to deliver high quality, up to date training to support the SDN professional community. Our SDN courses and workshop will prepare you to pass the ONF-Certified SDN Associate Exam (OCSA 2.0). 

  • The ONF-Certified SDN Associate (OCSA 2.0) is ideal for professionals wishing to improve their careers and gain advancement in the world of software defined networking.
  • The OCSA 2.0 certification provides vendor-neutral knowledge of software defined networking (SDN) with a particular focus on the work of the ONF including Openflow and P4 programmability.

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