Connected Home Academy Certifications

What is the Connected Home?

The Connected Home concept will revolutionize the way in which we all live. Homes with high-speed internet access will offer near limitless choice of scheduled (linear) TV and film (Video On Demand) displayed across multiple screens within the home environment. We can also browse the internet, listen to radio, enjoy talking to our friends at little or no cost, receive instant messages and emails, through the same screens we will use to watch TV, plus extend those services wirelessly to handheld devices like phones and tablets. We will be able to monitor home security via a secure website allowing us to secure our homes remotely. Our home power consumption will be traceable down to each device that consumes power allowing us greater home efficiency. Consumer energy usage will be reduced helping governments to meet environmental targets. Our health and wellbeing will improve as healthcare advice and monitoring is moved online and delivered direct via our internet connections, allowing patients to avoid recurring visits to doctors and hospitals.

How has the Connected Home evolved?

The Connected Home has been made possible by the revolution in communications driven by IP (Internet Protocol) and the increasing availability of fast internet access for the consumer. This technical shift is resulting in convergence between the broadcast and telecoms industries as TV and film can now be delivered across our broadband connections to the same or higher quality than traditional methods.  Who would have imagined 10 years ago that the phone company would deliver mass-market TV down our phone lines? The next 10 years will bring further radical shifts and convergence between different established industries.

Who will win?

The winners will be those companies who have the knowledge within their leadership to take advantage of these new technologies and the skills within their workforces to build, deliver and support the products and services arising from their innovation. The greater opportunity will exist for those first movers who gain the knowledge and skills more quickly than their competitors allowing them to enter markets with less competition.

Connected Home Academy

The Connected Home Academy offers 3 professional certifications and over 35 individual courses to Broadcast, Telco and Connected Home professionals.

The Business Leaders series encompasses six short courses that are designed to give leadership a high level introduction to the technologies and insight into how these technologies can be monetized, and the shape of the current market.

The Technical Series offers training starting with technical overviews to deep level ‘hands-on’ engineering courses around classic managed IPTV, unmanaged OTT TV (Over-the-top TV), video encoding and head-end, content protection such as CAS and DRM, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Access and Core network technologies, Home Area Networking (HAN), Voice over IP (VoIP), WiFi, Femto, and ZigBee. Many industry standards and technologies are covered within this range of training.

The Connected Home Academy is a Perpetual Solutions brand.

Clients include:

Broadcast: BBC, BSkyB, RiksTV, Arquiva, SIS Live

Telco: BT, Virgin Media, Orange, Etihad Etisalat, Vodafone Group

Vendors: Cisco, Conax, ALU, Ericsson, Amino, Thomson

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