Amazon Web Services Certifications

The AWS Certification program is built around the four primary roles for engineering teams delivering cloud-based solutions: Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator, Developer and Engineer. These role-based certification credentials can be earned on advancing proficiency levels: Associate, Professional and Master.

AWS Certifications are targeted toward the following audiences:

  • Solutions Architect – a technical individual who is skilled at designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. A Solution Architect generally has knowledge across a broad array of disciplines, including distributed application architecture, networking, infrastructure, and security.
  • SysOps Administrator – a technical individual who is responsible for the operational health of an application on the AWS cloud. A SysOps Administrator has in-depth knowledge of the application or service they operate, including how the application is constructed, deployed, and automated, as well as the controls and monitoring points available.
  • Developer - a technical individual who has designed and built an AWS-based application. A Developer has involvement with or responsibility for operating the application on the AWS platform.

Earning AWS Certification provides the following benefits:

  • Demonstrate that you have skills, knowledge and expertise to design, deploy and manage projects applications on the AWS platform.
  • Gain recognition and visibility for your proven skills and proficiency.
  • Foster credibility with your employer and peers.

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