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PRINCE is a generic, tailorable, simple to follow project management method.  It covers how to organise, manage and control your projects.  It is aimed at enabling you to successfully deliver the right products, on time and within budget. As a Project manager you can apply the principles of PRINCE2 and the associated training to any type of project. It will help you to manage risk, control quality and change effectively, as well as make the most of challenging situations and opportunities that arise within a project.

  • A PRINCE2 project has the following characteristics:
  • A finite and defined life cycle
  • Defined and measurable business products
  • A corresponding set of activities to achieve the business products
  • A defined amount of resources
  • An organisation structure, with defined responsibilities, to manage the project.

PRINCE2 does not cover all aspects of project management.  Certain aspects of project management (such as leadership and people management skills, detailed coverage of project management tools and techniques, such as Microsoft Project) are excluded from PRINCE2 but you can follow the links if you require training in these areas.

 These courses are also available to be delivered onsite at your location.


  1. PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner Certificate in Agile Project Management

    This 3-day course examines how to use PRINCE2® in an agile context.

    3 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Next Date December 19th in Leeds (City Exchange) and London 35 Scheduled Dates in 16 Locations Course Code PPMP2AG
  2. PRINCE2 2009 Foundation

    A 3-day Training Course on PRINCE2 2009 Foundation; provides delegates with a comprehensive intro to PRINCE2; prepares for the Foundation Certificate exam

    3 Day Course Official Curriculum Next Date December 17th in London 31 Scheduled Dates in 3 Locations Course Code PBPP2F
  3. PRINCE2 2017 Foundation (2 day inc exam)

    This 2-day course provides delegates with a thorough understanding of the PRINCE2 project management methodology and the opportunity to take the exam.

    2 Day Course Official Curriculum Next Date December 17th in Swindon (Village Hotel Club) and 6 Other Locations 162 Scheduled Dates in 27 Locations Course Code QAP2F
  4. PRINCE2 2017 Foundation and Practitioner

    A 5-day Training Course on PRINCE2 2017 Foundation and Practitioner; provides delegates with a comprehensive and applied understanding of PRINCE2

    5 Day Course Official Curriculum Next Date December 17th in Swindon (Village Hotel Club) and 8 Other Locations 235 Scheduled Dates in 31 Locations Course Code PBPP2FP
  5. PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner

    A 2-Day Training Course on PRINCE2 2009 Practitioner Conversion; upgrades current Foundation certificate holders to become licensed PRINCE2 2009 Practitioners

    2 Day Course Official Curriculum Next Date December 19th in Attend From Anywhere and 6 Other Locations 195 Scheduled Dates in 30 Locations Course Code QAP2P
  6. PRINCE2 2009 Overview

    The PRINCE2 2009 Overview training course course provides a comprehensive introduction to the PRINCE2 method & complies with the 2009 version of PRINCE2

    1 Day Course Course Code PBPP2OV
    Scheduled Online Onsite
  7. PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation

    A 2-day course for anyone wanting to gain an understanding of the benefits of using PRINCE2 with Agile.

    2 Day Course Next Date January 7th in London 16 Scheduled Dates in 8 Locations Course Code P2AF

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