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Since its emergence in 1995, Java has been an extremely popular programming language. It's appeal has stemmed from its ease-of-use, reliability, security and ability to function on any platform. However, it can also be a complex programming language, complete with a whole class library that a user would need some knowledge of in order to use it, and for this reason it is not the ideal choice as an introduction to programming.

It's this complexity that also explains its appeal. The rich functionality provided by Java's class libraries mean that Java is effectively a platform-independent operating system. It is a very advanced operating system containing powerful distributed object and component capabilities. Whether you are experienced with modern structured programming languages, such as COBOL programmers, or new to programming, we have training courses which will suit your level.

Our Java Primer provides a good foundation for the Java for non-C Programmers course. It also provides an excellent overview of the functionality available in Java and its potential uses for managers, team leaders and technical support staff. Our Java Programming courses, available in both the SE6 and SE7 version, will look at Java in more detail, showing users how to design object-oriented applications with Java, create graphical user interfaces (GUIs), exceptions, file input/output (I/O), and threads; and create class files, amongst other essential functions. Courses in Java EE, JSP and Java Beans cover many languages related to Java.

Our Java Training Courses are a mixture from the official Sun curriculum as well as generic Java courses. We also offer courses in related languages such as JBoss and Spring. Our training courses are available to be delivered onsite at your location. Click on the course titles below to view training course content, dates, locations and prices.


  1. Developing Applications with Java EE
    Code Location Duration Price Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
    JEE 5 Days $2,240
  2. Java Web Development - Servlets & JSP
    Code Location Duration Price Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
    JVWD 5 Days $2,520

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