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5G (5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems) will provide the next major phase of mobile standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. 5G technology has the ability to produce network speeds beyond current 4G LTE projects and will support greater usage of video communications by the end user. Within the mobile industry there is currently much debate about what 5G actually is. Definitions and assumptions will change before the launch of the first commercial networks which are expected in the 2020's. 

Be under no doubt - the stakes are high. 5G has the potential to open new B2B businesses, whilst operators are currently facing a stagnation of their revenues in many developed economies. Market estimates point at a potential of 625 billion USD (€ 550 billion) extra revenues in 2025 from vertical industries, adding to the classical broadband consumer markets.

The USA and South Korea have already announced the deployment of early versions of 5G technology in 2018. 

Japan plans 5G introductions in 2020, and China pursues a bold technological development plan.

In Europe the “connectivity package” released in September 2016 by the European Commission has proposed an ambitious strategy for 5G in Europe.It includes a new connectivity strategy moving Europe in the Gigabit/ s connectivity era, a reform of the telecom regulatory framework with specific spectrum and investment friendly measures, and a 5G Action Plan with a package of actions to put in place the right framework conditions for the launch of 5G in Europe in 2020. European efforts are indeed key to keep abreast of a fierce global competition.

These pre‐commercial initiatives are putting high pressure on the quick release of the required standards. In that context, it is imperative that the European 5G strategy targeting vertical markets gets quickly validated, both from a technology and business perspective.


  1. 5G Concepts

    A 2-day high level appreciation of 5G concepts and ecosystem.

    2 Day Course #2 in Popular Next Date February 17th in Rio de Janeiro 4 Scheduled Dates in Rio de Janeiro 4 Virtual Dates Course Code PWS271
  2. 5G Architectural System Design

    A 3-day workshop exploring architectural design considerations of 5G technology, standards, and use-cases.

    3 Day Course Next Date February 19th in Rio de Janeiro 4 Scheduled Dates in Rio de Janeiro 4 Virtual Dates Course Code PWS272
  3. 5G Security Considerations & Guidelines

    A 5-day workshop on the particular security challenges faced in the move to 5G, and the various options available for architects and systems design professionals.

    5 Day Course Next Date March 2nd in Rio de Janeiro 4 Scheduled Dates in Rio de Janeiro 4 Virtual Dates Course Code PWS273
  4. Software Defined Mobile Networks (SDMN)

    A 5-day training program examining the specific technologies and use cases for software defined networks within a mobile environment.

    5 Day Course Next Date March 9th in Rio de Janeiro 4 Scheduled Dates in Rio de Janeiro 4 Virtual Dates Course Code PWS275
  5. 5G Fundamentals & Potential Deployments

    5G Fundamentals offers the chance to discuss the key technology changes and consider future deployment scenarios.

    3 Day Course Next Date February 10th in Rio de Janeiro 4 Scheduled Dates in Rio de Janeiro 4 Virtual Dates Course Code PWS270

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