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Android is an operating system designed by Google primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Since its first distribution in 2007, it has become one of the most widely used and prolific operating systems in the world. Applications for Android are mostly written in the popular programming language Java, and a well-developed SDK is provided by Google, together with an emulator for development on the desktop.

Our Android training courses are suitable for programmers and engineers who are looking to improve their Android development skills. They will work with Java, the Android SDK and Eclipse IDE, understand how the OS works and any other specifics required to build Android applications. Related training courses, including those focusing on Titanium or Amazon Web Services, will allow for training on more specific uses of Android development.

Our Android training courses are available to be delivered onsite at your location. Please see the individual courses for further details on date, time, content etc.


  1. Android App Development Jumpstart

    This 5-day practical course focuses on the building of increasingly complicated Android applications.

    5 Day Course Hands On Training Course Code ANDJS
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  2. Inside Android: An Intro to Android Internals

    This 4-day course provides a hands-on look at the internals of the Android operating system.

    4 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code LFD415
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  3. Android Development

    A 5-day practical course on software development within the Android environment.

    5 Day Course Hands On Training Next Date April 20th in London 3 Scheduled Dates in London 3 Virtual Dates Course Code PSD146
  4. Appcelerator: Building Native Mobile Apps with Titanium

    This 2 day course will equip delegates with the knowledge they need to master key Titanium APIs and to understand the end-to-end process of developing a Titanium Mobile Application.

    2 Day Course Hands On Training Course Code BNAPP
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  5. Developing Android Applications

    Based on Linux, Android has rapidly emerged as the platform of choice for a wide range of mobile devices.

    5 Day Course Course Code QAANDDEV
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite

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