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While there can be no doubt that journalism and media skills are vital for anyone working within the news or media industry, or aspiring to be a journalist or writer, these skills are also important within the business environment. The ability to create well-written press releases and copy, write concise minutes, use video cameras and edit and/or proofread other's work are all vital skills beneficial to any employee and their organisation.

Our courses listed here reflect the multitude of training that fall within the Journalism and Media Skills brackets. These range from aspects of traditional journalism including news editing and writing, feature writing, sub-editing and proof-reading to more modern journalistic tools such as Adobe InCopy, and on to a variety of training courses suited for both business professionals and those working in the news and media sectors.

Creative Writing courses aim to develop confidence in the student's powers of self-expression and harness their creativity in whatever line of work they are pursuing. Camera Techniques will allow the client to master professional camera techniques. Good Grammar and Punctuation covers the essentials of English grammar and how to correctly structure sentences. In addition there are a plethora of courses on writing, editing, proof-reading and interacting with the media, covering all the bases of journalism and media skills.

Due to the variety of courses we offer in this area the ideal candidates for training will be broad, ranging from editors and journalists to managers or anyone who wants to improve their writing or media skills.

We offer a wide range of Journalism and Media Skills training courses. Click on the individual course titles to view training course content, dates, locations and prices. These courses are also available to be delivered onsite at your location.


  1. Camera Techniques

    This 1-day Camera Techniques training course will enable you to understand and master professional camera techniques.

    1 Day Course Course Code MT013
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  2. Concise Minute-Taking

    1 Day Course on Minute-Taking - Those expected to take accurate and professionally produced notes or minutes would benefit from attending this course

    1 Day Course Next Date May 11th in Leeds (City Exchange) 2 Scheduled Dates in 2 Locations Course Code MPDCMT
  3. Creative Writing in a Commercial World

    This 1-day Creative Writing in a Commercial World training course offers practical exercises as well as advice from industry experts.

    1 Day Course Course Code MT019
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  4. Feature Editing: Introduction

    This 1-day Feature Editing: Introduction training course covers all the journalistic aspects of the feature editor's job.

    1 Day Course Course Code MT032
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  5. Feature Writing: Introduction

    This 2-day Feature Writing: Introduction training course covers features ideas, how to research your subject thoroughly to identifying the best interviewees.

    2 Day Course Course Code MT035
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  6. Feature Writing: Advanced

    This 1-day Feature Writing: Advanced training course covers how to come up with better ideas, improve writing style and execution of ideas in the best way.

    1 Day Course Course Code MT034
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  7. Good Grammar and Punctuation

    The Good Grammar and Punctuation training course covers the essentials of English grammar and how to correctly structure sentences

    1 Day Course Course Code MT049
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  8. How to Write Effectively

    This 1-day How to Write Effectively training course will provide you with the skills to deliver a message clearly, concisely and effectively.

    1 Day Course Course Code MT052
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  9. InCopy

    This 1-day InCopy training course allows you to communicate effectively when writing, flowing and amending text in Adobe InDesign documents.

    1 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code MT060
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  10. Journalism: Introduction

    This 2-day Journalism: Introduction training course covers news reporting, researching a story, interview techniques, and essential legal and privacy issues.

    2 Day Course Course Code MT071
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  11. Maximising Press & Media Coverage

    The Maximising Press & Media Coverage training course shows how to ensure that your organisation or client gets good, positive media coverage

    1 Day Course Course Code MT078
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  12. News Editing: Introduction

    The News Editing: Introduction training course covers all journalistic aspects of being a news editor, as well as equipping you for a managerial role

    1 Day Course Course Code MT081
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  13. News Writing: Introduction

    The News Writing: Introduction training course is designed to give a comprehensive all round introduction to news writing covering the essential aspects

    2 Day Course Course Code MT083
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  14. News Writing: Advanced

    The News Writing: Advanced training course is is for those with some experience of news writing who wish to improve their researching & writing skills

    1 Day Course Course Code MT082
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  15. Proofreading: Introduction

    The Proofreading: Introduction training course delivers the proofreading skills needed to identify & correct mistakes so that copy achieves maximum impact

    1 Day Course Course Code MT097
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  16. Sub-Editing: Introduction

    The practical Sub-Editing: Introduction training course is designed to help you develop the skills you need to be an outstanding sub-editor

    2 Day Course Course Code MT104
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  17. Sub-Editing: Advanced

    The practical Sub-Editing: Advanced training course concentrates on improving your ability to sub a wide range of news and features material

    1 Day Course Course Code MT103
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  18. Writing for Internal Publications

    The Writing for Internal Publications training course instructs on how to write interesting, informative articles that people will actually want to read

    1 Day Course Course Code MT112
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite
  19. Writing Press Releases

    The Writing Press Releases training course teaches those new to PR how to write professional press releases that media organisations will want to use

    1 Day Course Course Code MT114
    Scheduled Virtual Onsite

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