M2667: Introduction to Programming

3 Day Course
Official Curriculum
Code M2667

This course has been superceded by Programming Foundations.


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Introduction to Computer Programs (4 topics)

  • Overview of Software Development
  • Phases in the Execution of a Computer Program
  • Overview of Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Overview of Program Types

Introduction to Scripting (3 topics)

  • Using Web Scripting
  • Using Macro Scripting
  • Using Windows Scripting

Using Data and Variables (3 topics)

  • Using Variables
  • Using Operators
  • Using Programming Syntax

Using Program Logic (3 topics)

  • Using Branching
  • Using Loops
  • Identifying Logic Errors

Using Procedures and Functions (2 topics)

  • Using Procedures
  • Using Functions

Introduction to Developing a User Interface (2 topics)

  • Designing a User Interface
  • Building a User Interface

Introduction to Working with Data (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Managing Data
  • Using the Entity Relationship Model
  • Sorting Data by Using Keys
  • Using XML

Programming Approaches (2 topics)

  • Using the Procedural Programming Approach
  • Using the Object-Oriented Programming Approach

Examining Classes (1 topic)

  • Identifying Classes


This course assumes students have these skills: - Basic familiarity with using a computer, such as browsing the Internet or using a word-processing application. - The ability to use a mouse and keyboard to navigate through the Microsoft Windows® user interface. - The ability to perform simple file access tasks, such as browsing a directory structure, opening and saving files, and creating folders.

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