M2667: Introduction to Programming

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This three-day, instructor-led course introduces students to computer programming. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and terminology of software application development and develop skills in designing and writing simple computer programs. The course assumes no programming background and provides an overview of the software development process in addition to introducing important programming constructs and methodologies.

The course covers such topics as programming language characteristics, integrated development environments, flowcharts, algorithms and pseudocode, variables, operators, conditional statements, looping statements, procedures, error-handling and debugging, object-oriented programming techniques, user interface design, software modeling, and Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web services.

This course is intended for students who wish to:

  •  Learn what software development is and what software developers do.
  •  Learn programming concepts and terminology to facilitate communication with software developers.
  •  Learn to read, trace, and understand simple code.
  •  Learn to write, test, and debug code to solve a simple problem.
  •  Evaluate their personal aptitude for career as a programmer or software developer.

This course is appropriate for:

  •  Individuals who are contemplating a career in software development and who wish to understand the fundamentals of computer programming.
  •  Professionals, such as managers and technical salespeople, who must understand programming concepts and be able to communicate with software developers.
  •  End-users of productivity applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, and Microsoft Access, who want to add advanced functionality to documents and databases.
  •  Web designers who want to understand how programs and scripts can make Web sites more dynamic.

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Introduction to Computer Programs (4 topics)

  • Overview of Software Development
  • Phases in the Execution of a Computer Program
  • Overview of Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Overview of Program Types

Introduction to Scripting (3 topics)

  • Using Web Scripting
  • Using Macro Scripting
  • Using Windows Scripting

Using Data and Variables (3 topics)

  • Using Variables
  • Using Operators
  • Using Programming Syntax

Using Program Logic (3 topics)

  • Using Branching
  • Using Loops
  • Identifying Logic Errors

Using Procedures and Functions (2 topics)

  • Using Procedures
  • Using Functions

Introduction to Developing a User Interface (2 topics)

  • Designing a User Interface
  • Building a User Interface

Introduction to Working with Data (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Managing Data
  • Using the Entity Relationship Model
  • Sorting Data by Using Keys
  • Using XML

Programming Approaches (2 topics)

  • Using the Procedural Programming Approach
  • Using the Object-Oriented Programming Approach

Examining Classes (1 topic)

  • Identifying Classes


This course assumes students have these skills: - Basic familiarity with using a computer, such as browsing the Internet or using a word-processing application. - The ability to use a mouse and keyboard to navigate through the Microsoft Windows® user interface. - The ability to perform simple file access tasks, such as browsing a directory structure, opening and saving files, and creating folders.

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