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Java has enjoyed popularity since its introduction in 1995. However, Java is a complex programming language and not necessarily the ideal choice for an introduction to programming or modern programming languages. Additionally, Java comes complete with a whole class library. Knowledge and use of at least some of this class library is essential for any form of Java program.

Anyone who has looked at Java in any detail will realise that Java is more than just another programming language. The rich functionality provided by Java's class libraries mean that Java is effectively a platform-independent operating system. It is a very advanced operating system containing powerful distributed object and component capabilities. The wide range of functionality delivered with Java and the plethora of products that surround it can lead to unnecessary confusion.

For developers without experience in modern structured programming languages, such as COBOL programmers, or those who are new to programming, Java Primer provides a good foundation for the Java for non-C Programmers course. It also provides an excellent overview of the functionality available in Java and its potential uses for managers, team leaders and technical support staff.

In addition Java development environments have become more complex and feature rich as the language has matured. As such the course has been updated to include the use of modern IDEs to develop, launch and debug applications.

This course is instructor led with practical sessions which increase in complexity throughout the course, with additional optional exercises for further learning. Delegates may take away their own work, the worked solutions and demonstration examples.

Java for non-C Programmers

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Programmers whose skills need refreshing or whose experience is not in modern structured programming languages. Technical and project managers who need an overview of Java concepts and the Java language. Non-programmers with extensive experience of software packages. Delegates should preferably have some programming knowledge, but must have general computing experience, possibly through the extensive use of complex software packages. You should also be familiar with the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface. Delegates with more than six months of programming experience in any high-level, block-structured language should take our Java for non-C Programmers course instead.

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