Object Oriented Programming in Perl

5 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Perl Training Courses.


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Getting Started (5 topics)

  • Running Perl Programs
  • Basic Statement Syntax
  • Comments, Variables, Basic Operators and Functions
  • Reading from Standard Input, Writing to Standard Output and Error

Operators (3 topics)

  • Arithmetic, Assignment, Relational, Logical, Bitwise, and String
  • Precedence and Associativity

Flow Control (6 topics)

  • True and False in Perl
  • warn(), die() and exit() Functions
  • The while and until Loops
  • The for and foreach Loops
  • The next, last, and redo Statements

Working with Scalars (3 topics)

  • Scalar Variables and Values
  • Conversions Between Numbers and Strings

Working with Lists (6 topics)

  • List Variables and Elements
  • Working with List Ranges and Slices
  • Sorting a List
  • List/String Conversion
  • Reading a List from Standard Input

Working with Hashes (3 topics)

  • 6: Working with Hashes
  • Getting Lists of Hash Keys and Values

Reading and Writing to Files (4 topics)

  • Opening a File
  • Determining File Status
  • Creating and Using Pipes

Pattern Matching (4 topics)

  • Pattern Matching Options
  • The Substitution Operator
  • The Translation Operator

Creating and Using Subroutines (2 topics)

  • Using BEGIN, END, and AUTOLOAD

Formatting Output (3 topics)

  • printf() Function and Print Formats
  • The write() Function

File and Directory Functions (4 topics)

  • File Access Functions
  • Link Functions
  • Directory Manipulation Functions

Process, Scalar, and List Functions (8 topics)

  • Process Functions
  • Signals
  • Mathematical Functions
  • String Functions
  • Scalar Functions
  • List Manipulation Functions
  • Time Functions

System Variables and Options (3 topics)

  • Separator Variables
  • Setting Options in Perl Programs

References (4 topics)

  • Hard References
  • Dereferencing
  • Creating Multidimensional Arrays

Packages and Modules (4 topics)

  • Defining and Switching Between Packages
  • Referencing Package Contents
  • Importing Modules into Programs

Object-Oriented Programming in Perl (3 topics)

  • Creating and Using Classes
  • Inheritance


Familiarity with UNIX is required. An understanding of procedural programming or shell scripting is beneficial.

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