CICMPT1: Cisco ICM Product Training Part 1 v7

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cisco Other Training Courses.


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Call Routing Concepts (3 topics)

  • Call Routing Options
  • ICM Components
  • ICM Call Routing

Boston Contact Center (2 topics)

  • Configuring Boston Contact Centre
  • Script Editor

Basic Administration (3 topics)

  • Additional Boston Configuration
  • Advanced Script Editor
  • Administration Labs

Extended Functions (3 topics)

  • External Database Lookup
  • Call Variables
  • Multiple Skill Groups

Administrative Scripts (1 topic)

  • Administrative Scripts

Translation Routing (1 topic)

  • Translation Routing

Virtual Contact Center (2 topics)

  • Adding a Contact Centre
  • Enterprise Services and Skill Groups

Webview (1 topic)

  • Webview


Basic knowledge of MS Windows Server 2003 Familiarity with your call centre operations (ACD, Network, and any IVR implementations)