Solaris 10 Workshop for Experienced Administrators

5 Day Course
Hands On

Please see the Solaris 10 Features for Experienced Solaris System Admin course, which is available on a public schedule.


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Introduction to Zones (5 topics)

  • Understand how and why zone partitioning is used.
  • Configure, install and boot zones
  • Configure resource pools, zone-wide resource controls
  • Administer packages in zones
  • Setup zones with users and applications

Understand Least Privilege (3 topics)

  • Understand how and why least privilege is used
  • Set up least privilege tasks
  • Configure least privilege using RBAC

Changes to filesystems (2 topics)

  • Understand how and why UFS has changed
  • Describe Zettabyte File System (ZFS)

Service Management facility (5 topics)

  • Understand features of the Service Management Facility (SMF)
  • Identify how SMF is used in booting and shutting down the system
  • Identify how services are enabled and disabled
  • Investigate the repository
  • Configure system with new services

DTrace Fundamentals (4 topics)

  • Describe the features of the Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) facility
  • Describe the DTrace architecture
  • List and enable probes, and understand action statements and D scripts
  • Investigate the DtraceTool kit

Identify NFS changes (4 topics)

  • Describe the enhancements to Network File System version 4 (NFS version 4)
  • Explain the Solaris IP Filter Firewall:
  • Understand the IP Filter Firewall
  • Investigate the rules available for configuring IP Filter Firewall

Understand changes to the Solaris Jumpstart (3 topics)

  • Investigate the new options available for Jumpstart
  • Configure Jumpstart with mirroring
  • Describe the changes to Flash archive

Describe the WAN BOOT utility (4 topics)

  • Understand the concept of WANBoot
  • Setup a WANBoot server
  • Setup a WANBoot client
  • Configure, enable and troubleshoot the WAN Boot utility


Delegates should have good previous Solaris system administration experience on an earlier release of Solaris.

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