Understand People and Conflict

3 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Personal Skills Training Courses.


Course Topics (21 topics)

  • Personal objective setting for the course.
  • Handling conflict better.
  • Create an action plan to resolve a real example where you wish to improve.
  • Personal beliefs - how to empower your thinking.
  • Levels of assertion and when to use them.
  • Work association - how to encourage positive work association through 3 phases.
  • Personal actions - what you will do to encourage positive working.
  • SDI analysis explanation and discussion of the results.
  • Identify your SDI profile.
  • Understand how people in other areas of the SDI Triangle are motivated and what frustrates them.
  • Exercise to identify the behaviours to adopt and to avoid when working with the various SDI 'behaviour colours' in your team.
  • The three stages of conflict.
  • Understand what conflict looks like / sounds like / feels like for others and how to pick up the signs.
  • Causes of conflict - how to identify and understand your own.
  • How to prevent escalation of conflict.
  • Conflict strategies - prevention as well as resolution.
  • First impressions.
  • Planning your behaviour - create the plan that will give you the best results.
  • Transactional analysis - the ego-state model.
  • Rules of communication.
  • Strategic questioning - using the 4 steps to success

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