Transforming Business Processes

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Do you want to transform performance in your organisation but don’t know where to start?
Can you identify which of your business processes produce the greatest customer value?
Do you wish you had a way to determine why some of your processes are under performing?
Would you like to be able to demonstrate the pain your customers are feeling and work as a team to set new visions of process performance?
Do you want to be able to structure a process improvement programme to deliver immediate benefits as well as long term transformation?
Would you like to be able to establish a culture where process excellence becomes ‘the way we do things around here’?
Are you equipped to lead business improvement in your organisation?
Do you need to be able to manage and approve the work of external consultants engaged in process improvement initiatives in your organisation?

One of the key challenges for management is to constantly find ways of doing more with less. To eliminate waste, improve customer service and produce consistent and predictable levels of quality whilst reducing operating costs and attaining new levels of performance.

We show you the various process improvement techniques that are available and provide a framework and range of techniques for understanding and defining organisational processes and measuring current levels of performance.

We then go in to examine ways of prioritising and selecting improvement initiatives that produce the greatest positive impact. A detailed case study will provide an opportunity to examine all the stages of a process improvement initiative from recognition of a performance deficiency through process visioning to design and development of practical solutions.

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Course Contents (8 topics)

  • An understanding of how the value chain works within a business process.
  • A proven framework that will allow them to structure and lead a business transformation programme.
  • A series of analytical tools to diagnose process effectiveness and align processes to desired business outcomes.
  • An understanding of how to create process visions.
  • A way of developing and applying metrics that helps them to prioritise improvement initiatives.
  • A set of principles to guide the design of new processes.
  • An understanding of how new processes need new ways of working and being.
  • Learn what to look for when reviewing the work of external contractors engaged in process improvement work in their organisation.

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