Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2: Introduction

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Developed by photographers for photographers, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 allows professional photographers to manage, adjust and present large volumes of digital photographs. This means you spend less time in front of your computer and more time behind the lens. This one day Adobe authorized course is designed to ensure you harness the potential of Lightroom to dramatically improve the way you manage digital images, from raw capture to creative output.

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Introduction (4 topics)

  • Working with RAW files
  • Importing and organising images
  • Using import presets
  • Using Auto import

Importing Photos (2 topics)

  • Importing from a CF card
  • Using Auto Import

Navigating the Library Module (4 topics)

  • Using the Navigator
  • Working in the Grid and Loupe views
  • Refining image selections
  • Comparing and surveying images

Organising Images (2 topics)

  • Flagging, rating and labelling
  • Using Quick Collection

Managing Photos in the Library Module (3 topics)

  • Working with keywords
  • Using metadata options
  • Photo filtering and searches

Working with Catalogs (1 topic)

  • Understanding Lightroom catalogs

The Develop Module (3 topics)

  • Using the Develop module presets
  • The Snapshots and History panels
  • Using the Histogram panel

Image Editing Essentials (4 topics)

  • Correcting white balance
  • Using Vibrance and Saturation controls
  • Sharpening and noise reduction
  • Creating vignettes

Using the Tool Strip Tools (6 topics)

  • Cropping and straightening images
  • Using the Spot Removal tool
  • Retouching dust on a lens
  • Fixing red-eye
  • Using the Graduated Filter tool
  • Selective toning and colouring

Black and White Images (4 topics)

  • Converting to black and white
  • Modifying and enhancing black and white images
  • Creative black and white
  • Split-toning and b/w image

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