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Do you need to produce a solid, demonstrable business case to ensure your projects gain acceptance?
Do you want to be able to confidently create a cost/benefit analysis?
Are you concerned about understanding terminology such as payback periods, return on capital, net present value and internal rate of return?

This course enables you to identify and justify the right decisions using business cases. You will consider what techniques and processes are needed to build a solid, justifiable business case. Along the way you will gain the skills to interpret the data you collect and the practice in putting it together in a compelling and convincing manner. Most poor business cases fail to show the benefit or the cost or even to discuss the issues at a level the senior manger expects. This course will rectify all these problems. You will understand how to create business cases to explain why new developments are necessary and are a useful commodity.

Once you understand the basic structure of a business case and are able to see the purpose it fills you will feel confident in writing your own. The practice you get at putting business cases together will give you the ability to repeat this back in the workplace.

You will benefit from this course if you have to justify your business decisions with commercially sound logic. It will also benefit anyone who helps prepare business cases.

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Course Contents (6 topics)

  • Define the key components of a business case
  • Produce a Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Determine the Payback Period, Return on Capital, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return for a business case
  • Link your message to key corporate strategies
  • Write a Management Summary
  • Develop a bank of business cases on which to draw.


  • No previous business case knowledge is assumed
  • Anyone who needs to create business cases and carry out financial appraisals as part of their job will benefit from attending
  • The course is suitable for those new to the creation and appraisal of business cases

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