XML Management Overview for Local Government

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This 1-day course provides a management overview of the Extensible Mark-up Language (XML). The course provides delegates with sufficient knowledge to make an informed judgment about the benefits and issues involved in adopting XML. The course offers an understanding of the salient points and key terms, enabling communication with other technical team members. Brief overviews of HTML, DHTML, GML and UML can also be built into the course if required.

Course Features:
This theory course uses presentations, exercises and demonstrations to introduce the terminology and key technologies of XML.  Case studies and best practice examples from Local Government will be examined.


Upon completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Appreciate the characteristics and benefits of using XML
  • Describe how XML will be used within and between organisations
  • Appreciate the use of XML in information exchange
  • Understand how XML can support Modernising Government objectives
  • List the skills required to implement XML projects.


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Introduction (2 topics)

  • Course overview
  • What is XML?

Background (4 topics)

  • XML Overview
  • XML Concepts
  • XML Syntax
  • DTDs and Schema

XML Characteristics (4 topics)

  • Why XML is important
  • Extensibility
  • Content and Presentation
  • Vendor Independence

XML Application Scenarios (5 topics)

  • Information Distribution
  • Knowledge Management
  • Workflow
  • Application Integration
  • Data Integration

XML Tools (3 topics)

  • Browsers and Parsers
  • DOM/SAX processors
  • Authoring Packages

XML and E-Business (3 topics)

  • W3C Initiatives
  • BizTalk
  • Oasis

XML and Local Government (3 topics)

  • Information Age Concordat
  • Local Government Guidelines
  • Applying XML

Implementing XML (2 topics)

  • Technical Skills
  • Managerial Skills

Resources (2 topics)

  • XML Books
  • XML Web sites


Delegates are assumed to have a basic understanding of IT concepts and internet terminology.

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