Lead & Manage Teams

3 Day Course
Code LMT

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Management Skills Training Courses.


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Introduction & Welcome (2 topics)

  • You will meet other delegates in a similar position of responsibility to yourself.
  • An experienced, friendly trainer will ensure the course focuses on the particular skills you want to develop.

Team Communication (2 topics)

  • You will discuss what barriers to good communication exist within teams and what happens when teams don't co-operate. We will then look at dealing with problems and the ownership of the issues as well as how to brief the team.
  • You will role play briefing teams and work with course colleagues to decide how problems should be resolved. (Company specific issues may be discussed here).

Give & Receive Feedback (4 topics)

  • You will learn how to assess the performance of others.
  • We will look at giving and receiving positive feedback rather than neutral or negative in terms of shaping team behaviours.
  • You will use the feedback to improve your performance and check you get your message across in a professional and respectful way. Finally we will use the GROW coaching technique to learn how to get individual's take responsibility for their own development.
  • You will role play giving and receiving feedback as well as coaching using GROW so that you can effectively assess and improve team performance.

Organise Your Time (2 topics)

  • You will learn how time gets lost as well as wasted on things that do not achieve your goals. You will learn how to separate urgency from importance and learn how to plan and package your day to gain time.
  • You create a personalised day plan for yourself.

Manage Resources (4 topics)

  • You will learn how to define goals by agreeing objectives, constraints and assumptions and documenting these.
  • You will then see how goals can be broken down into tasks and allocated to team members.
  • We will then discuss various methods of working with others to monitor and control the completion of tasks to the right standards by defining success criteria, managing expectations and change.
  • You create goals, tasks and schedule works assignments for your team.

Motivate (4 topics)

  • We will look at motivational theory such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and how this affects how we choose to motivate others.
  • We will look at factors that cause de-motivation and discuss how to deal with them.
  • You will look at the different ways people are motivated and how to mobilise the whole team together.
  • You practice motivating class colleagues and then create a motivation campaign for your team.

Manage Meetings (3 topics)

  • The session starts off with everyone discussing meetings and what makes them fail / waste time. We then look at the roles of chairperson/members, including effective agendas, ways to agree actions/gain decisions, take minutes, along with general guidelines for how to make meetings more productive.
  • The technique of Profile Analysis is introduced as a way of assessing a meeting's effectiveness, this can be used to check all participants are contributing in an effective way.
  • You will practice participating in meetings and joining in the feedback to learn how to make meetings more effective and your voice heard whilst actively listening to others.

Get Creative (3 topics)

  • We explore how to get truly original ideas and how to generate many ideas by using problem inversion, brainstorming, altered paradigms and assumption busting.
  • We then look at how to choose the best of the ideas to work with.
  • You experience taking a standard problem and turning it around to see it from a different perspective and challenge your group to come up with the most creative solutions.

Stay on Top (4 topics)

  • First we discuss accepting the need for self improvement and becoming motivated personally to take responsibility for it.
  • Then you will look at various ways of developing yourself and build an improvement plan.
  • We will then come up with ways of tracking progress and measuring success.
  • You create your own store of personal dynamite and plan how you will ensure you succeed with your goals.


This course is suitabale for new supervisors or managers will receive the complete toolkit of skills they need from this course. Existing managers with little formal training will also benefit from experiencing the latest thinking and best practice.