Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 365 Level 2

1 Day Course
Hands On
Code DPP16L2

This course has been replaced by Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced


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Modifying the PowerPoint Environment (2 topics)

  • Topic A: Customise the User Interface
  • Topic B: Set PowerPoint 2016 Options

Customising a Design Template (3 topics)

  • Topic A: Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts
  • Topic B: Add Headers and Footers
  • Topic C: Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master

Adding SmartArt and Mathematical Equations to a Presentation (3 topics)

  • Topic A: Create SmartArt
  • Topic B: Modify SmartArt
  • Topic C: Write Mathematical Equations

Working with Media and Animations (3 topics)

  • Topic A: Add Audio to a Presentation
  • Topic B: Add Video to a Presentation
  • Topic C: Customise Animations and Transitions

Collaborating on a Presentation (2 topics)

  • Topic A: Review a Presentation
  • Topic B: Store and Share Presentations on the Web

Customising a Slide Show (5 topics)

  • Topic A: Annotate a Presentation
  • Topic B: Set Up a Slide Show
  • Topic C: Create a Custom Slide Show
  • Topic D: Add Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
  • Topic E: Record a Presentation

Securing and Distributing a Presentation (2 topics)

  • Topic A: Secure a Presentation
  • Topic B: Create a Video or a CD


  • Open a presentation
  • Save a presentation
  • Print a presentation
  • Add new slides
  • Run a slideshow
  • Rearrange the order of the slides
  • Apply basic text formatting
  • Check the spelling within a presentation

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