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This course will provide you with an understanding of key concepts and skills necessary to effectively configure and deploy VPN-1 VSX, to manage multiple customer sites. This course provides hands-on training for installing VSX on SecurePlatform. You will configure Security Policies for multiple remote firewalls, using the Provider-1 NGX Multi-Domain GUI (MDG). You will also learn about managing multiple firewallsecured environments, and using Virtual Systems and Virtual Routers in a VSX configuration. You will understand how to perform advanced configuration tasks, such as establishing redundant VSX Gateways for High Availability functions.

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Course Topics (8 topics)

  • Describing the VSX architecture
  • Describing installation requirements for VSX components
  • Successfully installing VSX
  • Identifying features and functions of VSX
  • Demonstrating VSX Gateway deployment in a VLAN
  • environment
  • Demonstrating VSX Gateway High Availability
  • deployment

Lab Topics (11 topics)

  • Installing Provider-1 NGX for VSX on a
  • SecurePlatform machine
  • Installing the Provider-1 NGX MDG on Windows
  • Configuring the Admin CMA
  • Installing the VSX Gateway on SecurePlatform
  • Configuring the external VR
  • Managing Virtual Systems
  • Configuring unique Policies for multiple Virtual
  • Systems
  • Implementing a Virtual Switch
  • Implementing VSX Gateway HA

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