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XML has rapidly become the common language for information exchange in web-based systems. XML can also be used in general application integration, as has become evident in recent months with the emergence of many XML-based orchestration tools and servers.

This course provides a technical introduction to XML. Delegates will learn how to create XML documents and gain an appreciation of the various technologies that exist for manipulating these documents. The course introduces the structure and syntax of XML documents, as well as the origins of XML documents. Several typical usage scenarios are covered. The concept of XML grammars and how these may be expressed as Document Type Definitions or Schemas is discussed, including the related issue of XML document validation.

Delegates are shown how to use XML in practical situations, for example, the use of XML in web-based systems. Numerous examples are included to show how XML can be created dynamically at a Web server, processed at the web browser, and returned to the Web server when required.

The course also looks at how to use XML for general application integration. Examples show how to exchange XML data using a variety of protocols, including CORBA, SOAP and message-based systems such as MQ Series and MSMQ. Commercial products are also discussed as well as in-built XML support from relational databases.

The course comprises lectures, demonstrations, and mini hands-on exercises. The demonstrations and exercises illustrate the capabilities and scope of XML, rather than drilling down into the technical details. All code samples are available for delegates to take away and study after the course.

Target Audience

Who should attend?

Developers, designers, and system architects that need to understand XML terminology, applicability and capabilities.

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Course Content (4 topics)

  • Describe the syntax and structure of XML documents
  • Start making decisions about how XML data can be used in their systems
  • Appreciate the role of XML in web-based systems
  • understand how XML can be used to integrate systems


Delegates must have some experience in application development or design. Familiarity with HTML is beneficial but not essential. An appreciation of Web-based or multi-tier systems would be advantageous.

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