M5118B: Supporting Windows Vista and Applications in the Enterprise

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M5118

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows Vista Training Courses.


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Installing Windows Vista in an Enterprise Environment (5 topics)

  • Preparing for Windows Vista Deployment
  • Backing Up the User State
  • Automating a Windows Vista Installation
  • Creating and Deploying Images
  • Windows Deployment Services Overview

Troubleshooting the Windows Vista Boot Process and System Services (3 topics)

  • Windows Vista Recovery Environment Overview
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Startup Settings
  • Troubleshooting Operating System Services

Troubleshooting Networks (2 topics)

  • Network Settings
  • Troubleshooting Network Connections

Managing Windows Vista Desktop Systems (6 topics)

  • Windows Vista Desktop Management Overview
  • Group Policy in Windows Vista
  • Using Group Policy to Manage Desktops and Applications
  • Using Group Policy Preferences to Manage Windows Vista
  • Troubleshooting Group Policy
  • Windows Remote Management Service

Configuring and Managing User Data and Profiles (4 topics)

  • Windows Vista User Profiles Overview
  • Implementing Folder Redirection
  • Configuring Offline Profiles
  • Working with Shadow Copies

Maintaining and Monitoring Windows Vista Desktops (4 topics)

  • Maintaining Software Updates
  • Monitoring Reliability and Performance
  • Event Viewer Overview
  • Configuring Windows Task Scheduler

Securing Windows Vista Desktops (6 topics)

  • Windows Vista Security Overview
  • Configuring User Account Control
  • Troubleshooting Authentication Issues
  • Implementing Windows Defender
  • Securing Internet Explorer
  • Configuring Antivirus with Microsoft Forefront

Securing Windows Vista Networks (4 topics)

  • Network Access Protection Overview
  • Securing Wireless Networks
  • Implementing Windows Firewall
  • Configuring IPsec

Supporting Remote Users (3 topics)

  • Configuring VPN Connections
  • Using Remote Desktop
  • Using Remote Assistance

Troubleshooting Operating System and Application Installations (2 topics)

  • Troubleshooting the Operating System
  • Troubleshooting the Application Installation

Troubleshooting Hardware (4 topics)

  • Troubleshooting Hardware Overview
  • Troubleshooting Physical Failures
  • Troubleshooting Device Driver Failures
  • Troubleshooting Printing in Windows Vista


* Experience installing Windows operating systems. * Experience running commands from a command window, such as the DOS command prompt. * Familiarity with computer hardware and devices, such as the ability to use Windows device manager and look for unsupported devices. * Basic TCP/IP knowledge, such as knowing why you need to have a valid IP address. * Basic networking knowledge, including LAN, WAN, wireless and firewall concepts. * Basic Windows and Active Directory knowledge, such as knowledge about domain user accounts, domain vs. local user accounts, user profiles, and group membership. * Application fundamentals, such as how a client communicates with the server in client/server applications. * Experience reviewing logs, such as understanding chronology, sequential order, severity, etc.

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