Red Hat Linux Fundamentals

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Linux Curriculum

This course has been retired in favour of the Using Red Hat Linux course.


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Introduction (3 topics)

  • History, features and concepts
  • Red Hat versions, Enterprise Linux, Fedora
  • Kernel versions (2.2, 2.4, 2.6)

Workstation Usage (4 topics)

  • The Red Hat Bluecurve Desktop
  • Running applications
  • The terminal window, shells, command line format
  • Help Screens and Manual pages

File handling (7 topics)

  • Filenames and Pathnames, wildcards, the file system tree
  • Links to files
  • Directories; Manipulating, listing
  • File manipulation ( cp, mv, rm etc.)
  • Access permissions ( chmod , chown)
  • Extended file attributes (lsattr, chattr)
  • Viewing files ( more, cat, etc.)

Editors (2 topics)

  • Simple use of vi
  • Window based editors

Linux Utilities (2 topics)

  • Finding files with locate and find commands
  • Pattern extractors (grep, cut, diff)

I/O Redirection (2 topics)

  • Principles, importance
  • Pipes & Filters

Process Management (6 topics)

  • Concepts
  • Creating background processes, Job Control
  • Process Status (ps, top )
  • Killing Processes, Signals
  • Process priorities (nice, renice)
  • The /proc file system

System Management Introduction (6 topics)

  • Overview, Responsibilities
  • The Super User Account
  • Housekeeping tasks
  • The cron system
  • System Messages
  • Files in /var/log (dmesg, tail, logrotate)

User management (6 topics)

  • The password and group files
  • Changing passwords (passwd, chage, usermod)
  • Adding users with Red Hat desktop utility
  • User manipulation commands (useradd, userdel)
  • Environment variables
  • User authentication with PAM

Startup and shutdown (6 topics)

  • Overview
  • Startup and shutdown procedures
  • Automatic starting of services (chkconfig, service)
  • Kernel modules
  • Overview (Insmod, modprobe, /etc/conf.modules)
  • Forcing single user mode from the boot prompt

Disks and File Systems (4 topics)

  • Types of file systems, mounting
  • Checking (df, mount, fsck)
  • Backing up (tar, cpio, zip)
  • USB memory sticks

Package Management (4 topics)

  • Red Hat Package Manager (rpm)
  • Loading updates (up2date, yum)
  • Compiling applications from source distributions
  • Adding (and deleting) packages to the system in both source and binary distributions

Client side networking (10 topics)

  • Basic Networking
  • Overview, files involved (/etc/hosts, resolv.conf, /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts)
  • Network maintenance with the Red hat utilities
  • Test programs (ping, traceroute, netstat, nslookup, ifconfig)
  • Inetd/xinetd
  • Overview and setup
  • Old network access
  • Telnet and ftp, reasons for insecurity
  • The Secure shell
  • Overview, ssh and scp. Port Forwarding

Printer Setup (4 topics)

  • Overview, CUPS and LPRng
  • Adding local and remote printers
  • Command line usage
  • Web based admin


No prior knowledge of Linux/UNIX is required, although experience of working within a Linux/UNIX environment would be helpful. A basic familiarity with computers and keyboard knowledge is required.

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