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You're starting Microsoft® Publisher 2003, which is an easy to use, flexible program for creating newsletters, brochures, business cards, postcards, flyers, among others for print, email, and the Web. In this course, you will look at how to create a publication from scratch or use one of the hundreds of business and personal designs available in Publisher.

You will create, manage, revise, and distribute publications.

This course was designed for persons with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word who need to learn how to use Microsoft® Publisher 2003 to create, layout, and edit publications.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a one-page publication.
  • Modify a publication's layout and structure.
  • Edit content in a publication.
  • Format text.
  • Format pictures.
  • Identify the options for distributing a publication.

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Creating a Basic Publication (8 topics)

  • Topic 1A: Examine the Publisher Environment
  • Topic 1B: Create a Publication from a Publication Design
  • Topic 1C: Replace Design Object Placeholders
  • Topic 1D: Save a Publication
  • Topic 1E: Create a Blank Publication
  • Topic 1F: Display Ruler Guides
  • Topic 1G: Add Text
  • Topic 1H: Insert a Picture from a File

Modifying a Publication (8 topics)

  • Topic 2A: Insert and Delete Pages
  • Topic 2B: Insert a Text File
  • Topic 2C: Size Text Boxes and Picture Frames
  • Topic 2D: Move Text Boxes and Picture Frames
  • Topic 2E: Connect Text Boxes
  • Topic 2F: Divide Text Boxes into Columns
  • Topic 2G: Move a Page
  • Topic 2H: Create and Use a Master Page

Editing Content in a Publication (4 topics)

  • Topic 3A: Edit Text in a Publication
  • Topic 3B: Research Information
  • Topic 3C: Find and Replace Text
  • Topic 3D: Check Spelling

Formatting a Publication (8 topics)

  • Topic 4A: Format Text
  • Topic 4B: Apply Schemes
  • Topic 4C: Insert Symbols
  • Topic 4D: Indent Paragraphs
  • Topic 4E: Change Spacing Between Paragraphs
  • Topic 4F: Control Paragraph Flow
  • Topic 4G: Create Paragraph Styles
  • Topic 4H: Format Text Boxes

Lesson 5: Formatting Pictures in a Publication (5 topics)

  • Topic 5A: Format Picture Frames
  • Topic 5B: Crop a Picture
  • Topic 5C: Wrap Text Around a Picture
  • Topic 5D: Insert WordArt
  • Topic 5E: Insert a Design Gallery Object

Lesson 6: Preparing a Publication for Distribution (7 topics)

  • Topic 6A: Check the Design of a Publication
  • Topic 6B: Verify Pictures
  • Topic 6C: Create a Newsletter to Email
  • Topic 6D: Create a Web Page
  • Topic 6E: Publish a Web Site
  • Topic 6F: Preview and Print a Publication
  • Topic 6G: Templates

Appendix A: Computers and Computing: Basic Skills


This course assumes that you are familiar with using personal computers and word processing. You should be comfortable in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information on your computer. Specifically, you should be able to: launch and close programs, navigate to information stored on the computer; manage files and folders; and select text. One of the following courses are recommended, or you should have equivalent knowledge of: Windows XP Professional: Level 1 Windows XP Professional: Level 2 Windows XP: Introduction Windows 2000: Introduction

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