Oracle General Ledger Setup & Management

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This course is designed to give delegates the knowledge to set up and use Oracle General Ledger. Delegates will learn how to define a set of books, set up journals, define budgets and budget organizations and set budgetary controls.

The delegate will practise:

  • Setting up Accounting Periods and Calendars
  • Defining the Accounting Flexfield Segments
  • Defining General Ledger Security Rules
  • Performing General Ledger Inquiries
  • Setting Up General Ledger Journals
  • Setting Journal Profile Options
  • Setting Up Journal AutoReversal Criteria and Defining AutoPost Criteria
  • Opening and Closing GL Accounting Periods
  • Setting Up and Using Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Defining Budgets and Budget Organizations
  • Setting Budgetary Controls
  • Performing Budget Inquiries
  • Using the ADI Budget Wizard

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Introduction to the General Ledger (3 topics)

  • General Ledger Keywords and Concepts
  • Overview of the General Ledger
  • Define a Set of Books

Accounting Calendars (4 topics)

  • Accounting Periods
  • Accounting Calendars
  • Define an Accounting Calendar
  • Post Account Balances

Chart of Accounts Structure (3 topics)

  • Flexfield Considerations
  • Good Design Principles
  • Define the Accounting Flexfield

Journals (7 topics)

  • Key Set Up Considerations for GL Journals
  • Set Up Options for Journaling
  • Set Up Journal Options
  • Journal Profile Options
  • Journal AutoReversal Set Up Steps
  • Define an AutoPost Criteria set
  • Reports Listings and Inquiry Options for Journals

General Ledger Security Rules (3 topics)

  • Security Rules and Cross Validation Rules
  • Define a Security Rule
  • Cross Validation Rules

Multi Currency (13 topics)

  • Key Processes
  • Set Up Multi Currency Accounting (MCR)
  • Define a Cumulative Translation Adjustment Account
  • Enter Daily Rates
  • Enter Foreign Currency Journals
  • Enter Period rates
  • Enter Historical Rates
  • Profile Options for MRC
  • Work With Multiple Currencies in General Ledger
  • Translate From Functional to Reporting Currency
  • Working with MRC
  • Transaction Level Conversion
  • Inquiry and Reporting in MRC

Budgeting (14 topics)

  • Overview of Budgeting
  • Create Master and Detail Budgets
  • Define Budgets
  • Define Budget Organizations
  • Protect a Budget Organization with a Password
  • Set Budgetary Control Options for an Account Range
  • Copy Account Ranges from an Existing Budget Organization
  • Add or Change Individual Accounts
  • Delete a Budget Organization
  • Budget Reports and Listings
  • Define a Rollup Group
  • Assign Rollup Groups to Account Segment Values
  • Create a Summary Account Template
  • Carry Out a Budget Inquiry

ADI Account Hierarchy Editor (8 topics)

  • Account Hierarchy Editor
  • ADI Functional Security
  • ADI profile Options
  • Web ADI
  • Account Hierarchy Manager
  • AHM Set Up Steps
  • Access AHM
  • Account Hierarchy Manager Interface

ADI Set Up and Security (8 topics)

  • Set Up ADI Security
  • ADI Profile Options
  • Set Up ADI Applications Desktop Linking
  • Modify the ADI Toolbar
  • Modify the Ledger Options
  • Modify the ADI General Options
  • Modify the ADI Language Options
  • Perform Diagnostics System Checks for ADIWeb ADI

Multi-Company Accounting (3 topics)

  • Multi-Companies with a Single Set of Books
  • Automatic Balancing of Inter-company Transactions
  • Consolidating Multiple Companies


A working knowledge of Oracle General Ledger is required.

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