MySQL for Developers

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Curriculum
Code TPSQL-4501

This course is no longer running. The MySQL for Developers I and MySQL Developers II courses are recommended as alternatives.


Course Content (20 topics)

  • Describe the MySQL client/server architecture
  • Understand the steps necessary to invoke MySQL client programs
  • Utilize the general-purpose mysql client program to run queries and retrieve results
  • Perform queries and analysis of data utilizing the MySQL Query Browser graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Explain the MySQL connectors that provide connectivity for client programs
  • Select the best data type for representing information in MySQL
  • Manage the structural characteristics of your databases
  • Manage the structural characteristics of the tables within your databases#
  • Utilize the SELECT statement to retrieve information from database tables
  • Utilize expressions in SQL statements to retrieve more detailed information
  • Utilize SQL statements to modify the contents of database tables
  • Write join expressions in your SQL statements to obtain information from multiple tables
  • Utilize subqueries in your SQL statements
  • Create views utilizing SELECT statements to produce “virtual tables” of specific data
  • Perform bulk data import and export operations
  • Create user defined variables, prepared statements and stored routines
  • Create and manage triggers
  • Use the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database to access metadata
  • Debug MySQL applications
  • Configure and Optimize MySQL


Having attended the MySQL 5.0 for Beginners course or some experience with Relational Databases and SQL.

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