MySQL for DBAs

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Curriculum
Code TPSQL-4502

This course is no longer running. The MySQL Database Administration course is recommended as an alternative.


Course Content (22 topics)

  • Describe the MySQL Architecture, general operational characteristics and resources utilized for running it.
  • Perform the most common Database Administration (DBA) tasks utilizing the various programs contained within the MySQL application
  • Utilize the MySQL Administrator Graphical User Interface (GUI) to manage a MySQL server
  • Use the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database to access metadata
  • Install and Upgrade MySQL 5.0 for the most common operating systems
  • Perform the MySQL start and shutdown operations
  • Configure MySQL server options at runtime
  • Activate and manage numerous server logs
  • Evaluate data types and character sets for performance issues
  • Understand data locking concepts and the different levels of locking in MySQL
  • Differentiate between the multiple storage engines available in MySQL
  • Create, Maintain and Manage MySQL tables
  • Perform backup and restore operations utilizing multiple MySQL tools
  • Manage user maintenance and access to a MySQL Server
  • Maintain integrity of a MySQL installation utilizing security protocols
  • Use stored routines and triggers for administration tasks
  • Manage, apply and understand the reason for using views
  • Improve performance through query optimization
  • Optimize Schemas (Databases) utilizing multiple techniques
  • Utilize MySQL monitoring tools to improve server performance
  • Compare multiple environment options to improve server performance
  • Scale MySQL operations up


Having attended the MySQL 5.0 for Beginners course or some experience with Relational Databases and SQL.

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