Transforming XML using XSLT Style Sheets

2 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available HTML, XHTML and XML Training Courses.


Course Contents (10 topics)

  • Locate content in an XML document using XPath
  • Write XSLT style sheets to transform XML documents
  • Apply XSLT style sheets statically or dynamically to XML documents
  • Generate new XML content using XSLT
  • Perform repetition and conditional logic in an XSLT style sheet
  • Sort documents, and control textual and numeric output
  • Define and use named templates
  • Parameterise template rules and style sheets
  • Coordinate multiple XML documents using style sheets
  • Reuse, customise, and extend XSLT style sheets


  • Designers, architects, and developers who need to manipulate and transform XML documents using XPath and XSLT.
  • Delegates must have a good working knowledge of XML, which can be obtained by working on at least one XML project or by attending QA's Building XML-Based Applications course or the Java and XML Development Workshop. Familiarity with a scripting language (JavaScript or VBScript) would also be beneficial, along with an awareness of Internet and intranet technologies.

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