Regulatory Strategy for Commercial Success in Telecommunications

2 Day Course
Code PWL134

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Telecoms Commercial Awareness.


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Background to Regulation (13 topics)

  • Economic justification
  • History of Regulation
  • US - AT&T Break-up
  • UK - Privatisation and gradual liberalisation
  • EU liberalisation
  • WTO
  • International, primary and secondary national regulation and licence conditions
  • EU Directives
  • The role of regulatory bodies
  • independent regulators
  • Governments
  • competition authorities
  • courts

Regulatory Stakeholders and Licensing (10 topics)

  • Government and Regulators
  • Consumers and consumer pressure groups
  • The EU Licensing Directive
  • Service competition vs. Infrastructure Competition
  • The fixed incumbent
  • New entrant operators - Long Distance Operators; CLECS; Cable TV operators; Resellers; ISPs
  • Mobile operator
  • Spectrum Licensing
  • first come first served
  • beauty contests Auctions

Regulatory Service Costing (20 topics)

  • Reasons for service costing
  • internal management
  • regulatory price setting/authorisation
  • Types of costs
  • direct costs
  • indirect costs
  • common costs
  • Calculating cost
  • cost of capital
  • depreciation and asset valuation
  • Allocating costs
  • fully allocated costs
  • incremental costs
  • Calculating allocation keys
  • volume based allocations
  • ramsey pricing
  • revenue or cost based allocations
  • Limitations of service costing
  • subjectivity
  • product lifecycle effects

Retail Prices and Universal Service Obligations (10 topics)

  • The EU Universal Service Directive
  • Rebalancing
  • access deficit
  • Price control
  • RPI-X
  • price authorisation
  • Universal Service
  • obligations
  • costing
  • funding

Interconnection and Access to Networks (14 topics)

  • The Interconnection and Access Directive
  • Service vs. infrastructure competition
  • Types of interconnection and access to network
  • call termination
  • call origination
  • local loop unbundling
  • data services
  • access to information systems
  • must carry obligation
  • Interconnection rights and obligation
  • Reference Interconnect Offer
  • Interconnection pricing
  • cost accounting
  • price

Understanding the relationship between regulation and profitability (4 topics)

  • The aim of this interactive session is to rate the importance of each part of regulation on each of the market players
  • Regulation that is essential for the market player to operate
  • Regulation that has a significant impact on profitability
  • Regulation that has little impact on the profitability of the market player

Setting the Regulatory Agenda (5 topics)

  • Pro-active vs. reactive regulation
  • Regulatory Capture
  • Regulatory Gridlock
  • Horse trading - negotiating Win/Win outcomes
  • Small group session: Setting a negotiating strategy for the host organisation.

Presentation and Roundup (2 topics)

  • Presentation of results of small group work from previous session
  • Roundup


The course requires no previous knowledge of regulation, law or economics.

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