Migrating to Windows Vista

3 Day Course
Code GK6805

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Migrating to Vista: The View from 30,000 Feet (10 topics)

  • Why is Vista Really Different?
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Manageability
  • Trade-offs
  • Deployment Changes
  • Vista Versions for Corporations
  • Hardware Minimums for 32/64-bit Vista
  • Install vs. Upgrade
  • Transfer Tools

Building a Virtual Test Bed (4 topics)

  • What is Virtual?
  • Pros and Cons of Virtual Machines
  • Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Feature
  • Other Virtual Machine Products

Using Win PE 2.0 (7 topics)

  • What is Win PE?
  • Win PE Versions
  • Win PE Features: Plug and Play Support, Network Support, Imaging Tools, Adding Language Packs
  • Booting with a WIM Image
  • Using the Windows Recovery Environment
  • Tools for Building Win PE
  • Win PE Tools used for Deployment: bcdedit, diskpart, drvload, Oscdimg, etc.

Vista Imaging Tools (4 topics)

  • Using Imagex: Working with WIM Images
  • Imagex Command-Line Syntax: /capture, /config, /compress, /append, /info, and /apply
  • Windows System Image Manager: Creating Catalog Files, Distribution Shares, and Answer Files
  • Sysprep Syntax and Usage

Windows Deployment Services (10 topics)

  • What is Windows Deployment Services
  • Server Functionality Modes for WDS: Legacy, Mixed, and Native Mode
  • Installing and Configuring Windows Deployment Services
  • Using WDSUTIL from the Command Line
  • PXE Booting Clients to Install Windows Vista
  • Configuring the Boot Menu
  • Creating Images using Windows Deployment Services Client
  • Understanding Capture, Install, and Discover Images
  • Using Unattend.xml Files with Windows Deployment Services

Evolution of Security Policy (2 topics)

  • Network Access Protection
  • Group Policy

Application Compatibility (8 topics)

  • Meaning of Vista "Logo Compliance"
  • Legacy Application Compatibility
  • Program Compatibility Wizard
  • Using the Application Compatibility Toolkit and Application Verifier
  • Inventory and Analyze your Organization's Applications
  • Elevated Run Levels for Legacy Apps
  • Running the Compatibility Administrator to Create Application Shims
  • Using the Standard User Analyzer


All delegates should have a working knowledge of Windows 2003 or Windows 2000/XP Professional.

Additional Learning

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