Implementing and Maintaining Windows Vista

5 Day Course
Hands On
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows Vista Training Courses.


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Windows Vista in a Workgroup or SOHO Environment (5 topics)

  • Workgroups vs Domains
  • Collaboration Scenarios
  • Prepare the Windows Firewall
  • Security for Wireless Networks
  • IEEE (WEP) and IEEE i (WPA, WPA)Authentication

Windows Vista LAN Connectivity (6 topics)

  • Networking with Windows Vista
  • Discovery and Sharing
  • Windows Vista TCP/IP Improvements
  • Network Diagnostics
  • The netsh Utility
  • Domain Name System

Windows Vista, Active Directory, and Group Policies (6 topics)

  • Group Policy Basics
  • Registry Locations
  • GPOE and GPMC
  • Assigning and Publishing MSI Packages Options for PolicyBased Deployment
  • Administrative Templates
  • Security in Windows Vista

Remote Capabilities of Windows Vista (4 topics)

  • Remote Access Networking
  • VPN Client Support
  • Data Encryption Options
  • Configuring Remote Desktop Remote Assistance

Windows Vista Features for Notebook Clients (7 topics)

  • Power Management Options
  • Backup and Restore
  • Windows Mobility Centre
  • Offline Files and Folders
  • Enabling BitLocker

Local, Network, and Internet Protection (6 topics)

  • UAC for Standard Users
  • Network Access Protection
  • Windows Firewall
  • Windows Security Centre
  • Windows Defender
  • Internet Options

NTFS Security (6 topics)

  • NTFS Access Control
  • Security Principals, SIDs, and the Security Access Token
  • Encrypting File System
  • BitLocker Volume Encryption

Installation, Migrating, and Imaging Scenarios (7 topics)

  • Windows Vista Versions
  • Hardware Requirements
  • The Windows Vista Boot Environment
  • Installing vs Upgrading to Windows Vista Installation from the Network
  • Image Formats
  • Deployment Tools for Windows Vista
  • Using Windows Deployment Services

Windows Vista File Systems (8 topics)

  • Windows Future Storage
  • Encrypting File System
  • Search Folders
  • Transactional NTFS
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service
  • Differences from Backup or Restore
  • Universal Disk Format System

Configuring Applications for Windows Vista Clients (3 topics)

  • Application Compatibility Tools
  • User Account Control
  • Tuning Windows Vista for Program Compatibility Setting Environment Variables

Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Fine- Tuning (3 topics)

  • Diagnostic Tools
  • System Configuration Utility
  • Windows Performance Diagnostic Console Event Viewer in Windows Vista

Windows Vista Desktop, Internet Explorer Integration (8 topics)

  • Desktop Window Manager
  • Windows Vista Network Explorer
  • Windows Vista Control Panel
  • Internet Explorer User Interface Features
  • Internet Explorer 7 Security Enhancements Windows Mail
  • DVD Video Authoring
  • Rights Management
  • Output Content Protection Management

Customizing the User Interface (10 topics)

  • Personalizing Windows Vista
  • Ease of Access Centre
  • Using the Start Menu
  • Built in Search
  • Using Help
  • Default Programs
  • Playing with Aero Glass
  • Windows Flip D

Understanding Services and Process (4 topics)

  • Windows Vista Local Services
  • Service Failure Recovery Options
  • Svchostexe Service Groupings
  • Service Dependencies


This course requires a solid networking foundation and a thorough understanding of Windows 2000/XP environments.

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