Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M-MS201

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Exchange Server Training Courses.


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Managing Modern Messaging Infrastructure (3 topics)

  • Overview of Modern Messaging Architecture
  • Deploying Modern Messaging Infrastructure
  • Managing Modern Messaging Infrastructure

Managing Recipient Objects and Resources (3 topics)

  • Exchange Recipients
  • Creating and Managing Exchange Recipients
  • Managing Email Addresses, Lists, and Resources

Managing Mailbox Databases (4 topics)

  • Mailbox Databases in Exchange Server
  • Planning for Mailbox Databases
  • Creating and Managing Mailbox Databases
  • Troubleshooting Mailbox Databases

Managing Organizational Settings (3 topics)

  • Managing Authentication for Messaging
  • Configuring Organizational Settings
  • Designing Solutions for External Access

Lab: Managing Recipient Infrastructure (5 topics)

  • Creating an On-premise Recipient
  • Creating a Cloud Recipient
  • Creating an On-premises Distribution Group
  • Creating a Cloud Distribution Group
  • Creating an Office 365 Group


Managing Client Access (4 topics)

  • Implementing Client Access Services
  • Managing Client Devices
  • Configuring Outlook on the Web
  • Troubleshooting Client Access

Managing Mobile Devices (2 topics)

  • Mobile Device Mailbox Policies
  • Managing Mobile Device Access

Managing the Transport Pipeline (3 topics)

  • Overview of Transport Services
  • Configuring Message Transport
  • Managing Transport Rules

Managing and Troubleshooting Mail Flow (4 topics)

  • Managing Mail Flow
  • Troubleshooting Mail Flow
  • Troubleshooting Transport Issues
  • Troubleshooting with Logs

Lab: Managing Client Access and Mail Flow (6 topics)

  • Create a Custom Receive Connector
  • Create a Custom Send Connector
  • Enabling and Disabling ActiveSync for a Single Mailbox
  • Enabling and Disabling ActiveSync for Multiple Mailboxes
  • Enabling and Disabling MAPI Access to a Single Mailbox
  • Enabling and Disabling MAPI Access to Multiple Mailboxes


High Availability for Exchange Servers (4 topics)

  • Planning High Availability for Mailbox Servers
  • High Availability for Client Access Service
  • High Availability for Transport
  • Implementing Site Resilience

Managing Disaster Recovery (3 topics)

  • Planning for Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing Backup Strategies
  • Restoring Mailboxes, Databases, and Servers

Managing Public Folders (3 topics)

  • Planning the Public Folder Hierarchy
  • Implementing and Managing Public Folders
  • Troubleshooting Public Folders

Lab: Public Folder Management and Disaster Recovery (2 topics)

  • Exercise 2: Troubleshooting Mail Flow and Connectivity Issues
  • Exercise 3: Disaster recovery using eDiscovery and In-place Holds


The new Messaging Administrator should have a working knowledge of authentication types, licensing, and integration with Microsoft 365 applications.

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