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This course follows on from the User Experience Fundamental (QAUX). In this practitioner level course, you will learn how to apply your UX Practitioner skills to a Lean and Agile ways of working. Designed by UX and Agile specialists in conjunction this hands on workshop based events will take you through a case study in a series of simulated sprints allowing you to practice what you have learned and see how quickly you can innovate and embed Lean and Agile into your UX behaviour.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to apply your UX skills in a Lean and Agile manner. It is suitable for those who has completed the User Experience Fundamental course (QAUX), or for those who has good UX skills and working already in the industry for a couple of years but without much knowledge of working in a Lean and Agile manner.

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Introducing Agile (1 topic)

  • Workshop: Agile Principles

Agile UX (6 topics)

  • UX's new role in Agile
  • Beginning of New Projects: Release Planning and Sprint Zero
  • Sprints and UX Cadences
  • Tracking work, User Stories and the Backlog
  • Velocity, Points, and Estimate
  • Workshop: UX User Stories

The Lean UX Approach (9 topics)

  • The Purpose and Foundation of Lean UX
  • Lean UX Principles
  • Group Discussion: Lean UX Principles
  • Lean UX Process
  • Declare Assumptions & Hypothesis
  • Workshop: Problem Statement, Assumption & Hypothesis
  • Proto-Personas
  • Workshop: Proto-Persona
  • Collaborative Design

Design Sprint (31 topics)

  • 5-day process
  • Monday
  • Start at the End
  • Workshop: Set Long Term Goal
  • Sprint Questions
  • Workshop: Sprint Questions
  • The Map
  • Workshop: The Map
  • Ask the Experts
  • How Might We?
  • Workshop: How might we?
  • Set the Target
  • Workshop: Set the target
  • Tuesday
  • Lightening Demos
  • Workshop: Lightening demos
  • Divide or Swam
  • Sketching Time
  • Workshop: Four Steps Sketching time
  • Wednesday
  • Sticky Decision
  • Workshop: Five Steps Sticky Decision
  • Storyboarding
  • Workshop: Storyboarding
  • Thursday
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Pick the right Tool
  • Friday: Validate
  • Meet the User
  • Collate
  • Decide

MVP and Prototypes (5 topics)

  • What is a MVP?
  • Creating a MVP
  • Prototyping an MVP
  • The Power of Prototyping
  • Workshop: Paper Prototyping

Feedback and Research (9 topics)

  • Continuous and Collaborative Research
  • Collaborative Discovery
  • Collaborative Discovery in the Field
  • Continuous Learning
  • Building and maintain a Cadence after the Design Sprint
  • Simplify Your Test Environment
  • Making Sense of the Research
  • Type of Artifacts
  • Five is the magic number

Research Methods (19 topics)

  • Monitoring Techniques for Continuous and Collaborative Discovery
  • Customers can provide feedback through many channels
  • 7.1 Customer Services
  • 7.2 Surveys
  • Workshop: Creating Surveys
  • 7.3 Search Logs
  • 7.4 Site Usage Analytics
  • 7.5 A/B testing
  • 7.6 Diary Studies
  • Workshop - Creating a Structured Diary Template
  • 7.7 Interviewing
  • Workshop: Build an interview script
  • 7.8 Card Sorting
  • 7.9 Focus Groups
  • Workshop - Build a Focus Group Workshop Script
  • 7.10 Eye Tracking
  • Workshop: Eye Tracking Demo (Optional)
  • Choosing an Effective Method
  • Example Mind Map

Conducting Test (17 topics)

  • Finding Participants
  • Screening for Recruitments
  • Who should be a Participant?
  • Workshop - Create a Screener
  • Host and Guest 'Norms'
  • Cultural Consideration
  • Put Participant at Ease
  • Debrief Sessions
  • Why Analysis Matters
  • Affinity Diagrams
  • Quadrant Mapping
  • Modes of Presenting
  • Executive Summary
  • Full Report
  • Video, Audio and Participant Quotes
  • Research Artefacts and Diagrams
  • Workshop - Conduct Usability Testing

Making Organizational Shifts (3 topics)

  • Changing Culture
  • Shifting Team Organization
  • Shifting Process


  • Delegates MUST have UX skills equivalent to those provided by the User Experience Fundamentals Course
  • Familiarity with Agile would be beneficial

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