Hands on Docker and Kubernetes for IP Video Services

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This course provides a hands-on introduction to virtualization and containerisation technologies using Docker and Kubernetes. The course offers learners the opportunity to assimilate basic container orchestration and how to scale Docker across multiple nodes in a simple swarm or Kubernetes cluster. The course covers best practices to containerize applications or build containerized applications from scratch.


  • Describe the motivation and function of Docker Containers
  • Install and Implement Docker and Kurbernetes using Minikube software
  • Use basic Docker commands
  • Build Docker images and containers
  • Deploy containers from the Docker Hub and your own Registry  
  • Use and manage data volumes
  • Link containers
  • Write Docker Files
  • Orchestrate services using Kuberrnetes and Minikube
  • Use Docker Management Commands

Target Audience

Systems Operations Engineers, Software Engineers, Developers and System service engineers needing to understand the key modern telecommunications technologies used in delivering carrier services.


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Containers and Virtualization (6 topics)

  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Containers
  • Docker Concepts and Implementations
  • Orchestration
  • Use Cases and Orchestration

Docker Software and Installation (6 topics)

  • Docker Editions
  • Community Edition and Enterprise Edition Compared
  • Docker for Desktop, Windows and Linux
  • Docker Toolbox
  • Hands-on Installation of Docker
  • Building a simple Hello-World Application

Docker Basic Commands (7 topics)

  • Docker Syntax
  • Docker-Machine Commands
  • Commands to Address Docker Containers
  • Running prebuilt docker images
  • Hands-on using Docker Commands
  • Using Linux commands within a container
  • Listing, starting, stopping and removing containers

Images and Containers (5 topics)

  • Searching for pre-built Docker Images
  • Pulling and attaching to images
  • Naming containers
  • Building a simple Docker container web service
  • Exposing and manipulating TCP and UDP ports

The Docker Hub (4 topics)

  • Docker Registry - The HUB
  • Registering for a Docker Account
  • Puling JAVA image from the Registry and updating it
  • Hands-on Building a working Java container from the Hub

Building Docker Images (9 topics)

  • Identifying the starting point for the new Image
  • Building a new Docker Image based upon Ubuntu
  • Getting and installing applications within the container
  • Hands-on Exercise Building a New Docker Image
  • Pulling Ubuntu
  • Updating Ubuntu to the latest version
  • Adding Git to the image
  • Using commit to save the updated image
  • Pushing the image to the Registry

Building A Private Registry (5 topics)

  • Relationship between the Hub Registry and Local Registries
  • Hands-on Exercise Building a Local Registry
  • Pulling the Registry Application
  • Selecting a name for the local registry
  • Adding some more images to the local registry

Data Volumes (9 topics)

  • Relationship between data volumes inside containers
  • Mapping common directories between containers
  • Mapping directories within the host system to those inside containers
  • Hands-on Exercise Mapping directories
  • Running a container with a mapped data volume
  • Inspecting a container to discover mapped volumes
  • Building two containers with common mapped volumes
  • Mapping host directories into the container
  • Encoding video within a container from host files

Linking Containers (9 topics)

  • How containers can be linked
  • Advantages of linked containers
  • Hands-on Exercise building Database server from linked containers
  • Pulling the redis image
  • Building a link to busybox Linux image
  • Viewing the addresses of links
  • Using SET to set values of database variable
  • Using the command line interface of redis
  • Passing values between container using a database backend container

Writing a Docker File (7 topics)

  • The purpose of Docker files
  • Positioning directories within the Host to build new images
  • Hands-on Exercise writing a Dockerfile
  • Using the build command
  • Using CMD
  • Adding RUN commands to update applications
  • Building a proxy Servicer Image from a Dockerfile

Kubernetes Using Minikube (10 topics)

  • The functions of an orchestrator
  • Using Minikube on Windows
  • Hands-on Installing and configuring Minikube
  • Minikube version control
  • Configuring Minikube
  • Starting a cluster
  • Minikube Logs
  • Getting Cluster Information
  • Pods and getting information about them
  • Exploring minikube commands

Management Commands (21 topics)

  • Environment variables
  • Docker diff
  • Docker engine
  • Docker events
  • Docker exec
  • Docker-machine Commands
  • Manage checkpoints
  • Manage containers
  • Manage images
  • Manage networks
  • Manage Swarm nodes
  • Manage plugins
  • Manage Docker secrets
  • Manage services
  • Manage Docker stacks
  • Manage Swarm
  • Manage Docker
  • Manage volumes
  • Manage secrets
  • Scalability
  • Hands-on using Docker Management Commands.


A working knowledge of Cloud TV or virtualisation is useful but not essential. Some knowledge of Unix/Linux commands is also useful but not essential.

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The training was delivered with a high level of expertise and excellence. Instructor was highly knowledgeable.”

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Overall the course was really good, the trainer really understood the material and was very approachable.”

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Excellent course, informative and well-paced.”

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Course was very well outlined. Topics were great and bridged many gaps.”

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An excellent intro to video encoding & MPEG transport streams - I would definitely recommend it.”

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Definitely an excellent intro. Left me interested in learning more.”

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Excellent training course with real examples and practical classroom demonstrations.”

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Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

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Excellent course, very clear and well organised. Course content delivery was very good.”

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Very informative and appropriate.”

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