Cyber Arsenal for Red Teams

1 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cyber Security Training Courses.


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Physical attacks (5 topics)

  • What are physical attacks?
  • Evaluating the physical attack surface
  • Reducing the physical attack surface
  • Monitoring the physical attack surface
  • Securing the physical attack surface

Human Interface Device attacks (HID) (8 topics)

  • What are HID attacks, Why attack a HID?
  • Equipment needed
  • Payload Generation
  • Payload Delivery
  • Wireless HID Demo
  • Live Demo
  • Build HID Workshop
  • Deploy HID Workshop

Network Interface attacks (8 topics)

  • What are network attacks
  • Ethernet, WiFi, USB
  • Why Network attacks?
  • Tool installation and automation
  • Build network attack platform (NAP) workshop
  • Deploying a netwok attack platform
  • Post exploitation - cracking
  • Pass The Hash and Kerberos Golden Ticket

Tempest intercept (5 topics)

  • What is Tempest?
  • Range
  • Building Tempest VM Workshop
  • Deploying Tempest
  • Overcoming range limitations workshop


There are no specific pre-requisites for this course. However a general understanding of development practices and a broad understanding of current threats would be desired. There are group exercises, and instructor led ‘hands-on’ labs within each module of this course. Delegates can observe the instructor demonstrations or engage fully with each hands-on lab, subject to experience.

The intended audience for this course is primarily Project Managers, Business Analysts, Junior Developers and Designers. Plus anyone with an interest in building and maintaining secure systems lifecycle.

Note: This course is not designed for the experienced software developer and does not cover hands-on coding.

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