Team Cooperation and Collaboration with Git

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This 4-day course takes a people-first approach to version control. The material initially views the software development process from the perspective of the team, investigating how development teams work together most effectively by adopting specific routines or workflows. The material then discusses the corresponding git Commands, ensuring delegates know the why behind the commands being used.

This course gives a holistic understanding of how to work with Git to adopt specific workflows.


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Team Working and GIT (8 topics)

  • Benefits of effective team cooperation and collaboration
  • Teamwork and Git
  • Benefits of distributed version control
  • Appreciate different Access Models
  • Describe the Shared Maintenance Model
  • History of Git
  • Discuss Branching Strategies
  • Understanding Workflows

Teams Of One (7 topics)

  • Issue-based Version Control
  • Git Installation and Configuration
  • Creating Local Repositories
  • Reviewing History
  • Working with Branches
  • Working with Tags
  • Working with Remote Repositories

Rollbacks, Reverts, Resets, Rebasing (7 topics)

  • Best Practices
  • Rebasing
  • Locating lost work
  • Restoring Files
  • Working with Commits
  • Undoing shared history
  • Removing History

Teams of More than One (8 topics)

  • Set up a new project on a code hosting system
  • Download a remote repository with clone
  • Upload your changes t the project with push
  • Refresh the list of branches available from the remote repository with fetch
  • Incorporate changes from remote repository with pull
  • Explain the implications of updating your branches with pull, rebase and merge
  • Describe sample workflows
  • Discuss code reviews

Bug Fixing (3 topics)

  • Set aside your current work with stash so you can check out another branch
  • Find the history of a file with blame
  • Find the last working commit with bisect

GitHub (3 topics)

  • Getting started with GitHub
  • Creating an Organisation
  • Contributing to Projects

GitLab (4 topics)

  • Getting Started
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Projects
  • Access Control

Customizing Git (2 topics)

  • Git Configuration
  • Git Hooks

Git Internals (4 topics)

  • Plumbing and Porcelain
  • Git Objects
  • Git References
  • Maintenance and Data recovery

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