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A team leader’s role has changed in recent years, often doing much more with much less. Technology has flattened organisational structures and the role now requires the flexibility and leadership capacity needed to manage multi-disciplinary teams, often remotely.  You will meet other leaders working in the technical field and explore the contemporary challenges of performing in a fast paced multi-site, sometimes global environment.

As part of this course you will receive a log-in to complete your BELBIN© Team Role Self Perception Inventory.  You will receive a detailed report that illustrates your preferred team role and how this influences your management and leadership style. You will also complete a personal action plan.

This is an intensive five day course using a blend of interactive training exercises that cover the toolkit of the skills you need. This is an experiential programme that weaves classroom theory with immediate practical application.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Build authentic leadership and have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to display confidence
  • Understand how to build trust as a leader of a remote or virtual team
  • Develop proven communication strategies for a variety of situations 
  • Unleash the talent within your team by understanding strengths and focusing on areas for development
  • Chair effective team meetings
  • Develop coaching and feedback skills that lead to enhanced performance
  • Manage time and allocate resources effectively
  • Think creatively in order to problem solve and make the right decisions
  • Practise your presentation skills in order to influence others


Course Topics (18 topics)

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Team development
  • Assess how to improve your team™s performance and teamwork.
  • Communicating Strategies
  • Use proven strategies for communication and influence in a variety of situations.
  • Motivation
  • Look at the different ways people are motivated and how to mobilise the whole team together.
  • Virtual and Remote Teams
  • Work through different approaches to managing and motivating in different environments.
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Understand how to develop your team through coaching.
  • Effective Meetings
  • How to plan and manage meetings.
  • Managing Time
  • Managing time and priorites to do more with less.
  • Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
  • Conflict Resolution and Stress
  • Presenting Skills


This course is for those who are new to the role, or have limited experience, of supervising small teams of technical staff, and need to demonstrate confidence when representing their function in front of others. It is also beneficial to anyone who wishes to develop their organisational skills.

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