Cyber Investigator Challenge Digital Treasure Hunt CTF

1 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cyber Security Training Courses.


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Round #1 (Website & DNS) - 15 Questions (1 topic)

  • Once delegates have solved the clue they will end up at a website (domain name) to investigate. They need to go through the overt & covert text to solve questions. On top of this there are Whois & DNS tasks to solve.

Round #2 (Images & EXIF) - 8 Questions (1 topic)

  • Five images taken around Europe are stored in overt & covert view on the website which solve eight questions. These range from finding the exact location and altitude using a tool, to working out the town and even a crossroads abroad without EXIF data to extract.

Round #3 (Social Media & Web) - 10 Questions (1 topic)

  • From using clues on the website, delegates need to scour social media platforms, both known and less known to find accounts & clues to assist them later. Included is an image reverse, taking an edited image and mapping it to a social media user with zero name or location given.

Round #4 (Cryptography) - 10 Questions (1 topic)

  • Tasks include both symmetric & asymmetric encryption, be it open source PGP, SSL/TLS or a custom-made cipher. One steganography question is included to as well as tasks on SHA hashing.

Round #5 (Tor & Cryptocurrencies) - 7 Questions (1 topic)

  • The final round involves finding and searching within two THS (Tor hidden service) sites. Thrown in for good measure and to keep up to date with current trends is five questions on Cryptocurrency and the delegates if successful have the opportunity to "steal" a real private key (wallet).


The day event is suitable for cyber investigators, security analysts from private sector and public-sector and or law enforcement backgrounds.

Delegates should have ideally attended Open Source Intelligence Boot Camp (QAOSIDWBC) or other QA OSINT courses, or have a very strong background in multi aspect OSINT investigations using an assortment of tools & techniques.

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