Secure Coding Masterclass for Healthcare

5 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cyber Secure Development.


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Day One (4 topics)

  • IT security and secure coding
  • Special threats in the healthcare sector
  • Regulations and standards
  • Web application security - OWASP Top Ten 2017

Day Two (3 topics)

  • A6 - Security misconfiguration
  • Client-side security
  • Security architecture

Day Three (4 topics)

  • Requirements of secure communication
  • Practical cryptography
  • Security protocols
  • Crypto libraries and APIs

Day Four (2 topics)

  • Input validation
  • Security of Web services


There are no specific pre-requisites for this course. However a general understanding of development practices and a broad understanding of current threats would be desired. There are group exercises, and instructor led ‘hands-on’ labs within each module of this course. Delegates can observe the instructor demonstrations or engage fully with each hands-on lab, subject to experience.

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