Introduction to Cisco Programmability

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cisco Other Training Courses.


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Course Topics (10 topics)

  • Module 1: Initial Device Configuration for Management Connectivity
  • Module 2: Cisco Programmability Tools
  • Module 3: NX-API and Postman
  • Module 4: Python Fundamentals
  • Module 5: Working with JSON and XML Data Formats
  • Module 6: Building Device Configurations with Python
  • Module 7: ACI Programmability Tools
  • Module 8: PowerShell
  • Module 9: UCS PowerTool Foundations
  • Module 10:VMware PowerCLI & Orchestrator Basic

Labs (10 topics)

  • Lab 1: Perform initial device configuration
  • Lab 2: Research Cisco programmability tools
  • Lab 3: Check device status using NX-API and Postman
  • Lab 4: Install the Python software development kit and navigate its features
  • Lab 5: Compare and Contrast the JSON vs. XML formats and convert between the two
  • Lab 6: Use Python to configure basic device settings
  • Lab 7: Navigate the ACI APIC GUI to explore available programming tools
  • Lab 8: Download and Install PowerShell and Snap-ins
  • Lab 9: Apply a Cisco UCS Logical Server build
  • Lab 10: Automate vSphere with PowerCLI and Orchestrator


Attendees should meet the forllowing prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Cisco devices but not necessarily of programming