Essential Consulting Skills

4 Day Course
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Personal Skills Training Courses.


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Setting the Scene (4 topics)

  • Clarifying the consulting environment
  • Activities carried out by consultants
  • The attributes needed for effective consultancy
  • Personal assessment: A questionnaire to determine your communication style

Building and Managing Relationships (7 topics)

  • The importance of building and maintaining rapport
  • Impact management: Using 'The 3Vs' - Visual, Vocal and Verbal assertiveness
  • Relationship management: Identifying sponsors, 'friends' and 'foes'
  • Using assertive behaviours to influence
  • Understanding the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours
  • Identifying customers personality styles using Transactional Analysis
  • Understanding and using the four 'working styles' behaviour to build relationships and influence effectively

Situation Analysis (5 topics)

  • The 6 Essential Communication Skills (Engaging, Listening, Confirming, Questioning, Offering, Observing)
  • Using 'Gap Analysis' to fully understand customers needs
  • Creative thinking techniques including mind mapping and fishbone analysis to solve problems and make effective decisions
  • Identifying and creating the customer's 'problem statement'
  • Using effective decision making and problem solving techniques to manage costs, profitability and performance

Presenting Solutions (4 topics)

  • The art of effective negotiations
  • Understanding the difference between product features and benefits
  • Dealing with customer's reservations, concerns and objections
  • Effective presentation skills

Summary and Conclusion (4 topics)

  • Ensuring that you leave the customer feeling satisfied
  • Agreeing follow up actions and activities
  • Determining personal learning points
  • Creating your personal action plan


Anyone who works as an internal or external consultant or senior business analyst. Anyone who works as a coach to a consulting team. Anyone who manages a consulting team.

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