Software Defined Mobile Networks (SDMN)

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The course is designed to introduce the delegate to the Software Defined Mobile Network architecture and various implementation scenarios. It provides the state of the art in SDMN and describes changes to the current LTE architecture which is useful for wider SDMN deployment.

We investigate deployment models of the evolved packet core (EPC) where the EPC functions are deployed as services on a virtualised platform in a cloud computing infrastructure.

Also investigated is the impact of SDN on traffic transport and network management functions of future mobile networks. We also explain the scalability of SDMN and optimisation of traffic transportation in SDMN.

Existing MNVO architectures are explained and their limitations. We also explain SDN perspectives of MVNOs which adds the reconfigurable mobile network parameters to the existing MVNO and enhances the features of the mobile network.

Lastly, we will look at the security and techno-economic aspects. Reviewing security challenges in future mobile architectures and security management aspects in SDMN


  • Understand present mobile networks and their limitations
  • Understand the basic concept of Software Defined Mobile Networks
  • Describe the basic architecture of SDMN
  • Understand global mobile data traffic per month growth
  • Understand the growth of machine to machine growth
  • Understand the concept of Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Explain network function virtualisation (NFV)
  • Understand the wireless SDN challenges
  • Describe cooperative cellular networks
  • Describe restructuring mobile networks to SDN
  • Describe EPC in the cloud version 1 & 2
  • Understand the QoE framework architecture

Target Audience

Engineers and managers involved in the deployment of 4G/5G network implementation and support, traffic management and overall network optimisation.


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Overview (2 topics)

  • Present mobile networks & their limitations
  • Software defined mobile networks
  • Key benefits of SDMN

Mobile Network History (2 topics)

  • The evolution of the Mobile Network
  • Limitations and challenges in current mobile networks
  • Requirement in future mobile networks

Software Defined Networking Concepts (2 topics)

  • SDN history and evolution
  • SDN paradigm and applications
  • Impact of SDN to research and industry

Wireless Software Defined Networking (2 topics)

  • SDN for wireless
  • Wireless SDN opportunities
  • Wireless SDN challenges

Leveraging SDN for 5G Networks (5 topics)

  • Evolution of wireless communication toward the 5G
  • Software Defined Networks
  • NFV
  • Information-Centric networking
  • Mobile and wireless network
  • Cooperative cellular networks
  • Unification of the control plane
  • Supporting automatic QoS provisioning
  • Cognitive network management and operation
  • Role of satellites in the 5G network

LTE Architecture Integration with SDN (3 topics)

  • Restructuring Mobile networks to SDN
  • Mobile backhaul scaling
  • Security and distributed FW
  • SDN and LTE Integration benefits
  • SDN and LTE integration benefits for end users

EPC in the Cloud (2 topics)

  • EPC in the cloud version 1
  • EPC in the cloud version 2
  • Incorporating mobile services into cross domain orchestration with SP-SDN

The Controller Placement in SDMN (2 topics)

  • SDN and mobile networks
  • Performance objectives for SDMN controller placement
  • CPP

Technology Evolution in Mobile Networks (3 topics)

  • Generic technology evolution
  • Study framework
  • Overview on cloud computing
  • Example platform: OpenStack
  • Case analysis

Mobile Network Function & Service Delivery Virtualisation & Orchestration (2 topics)

  • Traffic management in mobile networks
  • QoS enforcement and policy control in 3G/4G networks
  • Traffic management in SDMN
  • ALTO in SDMN

Software Defined Networks for Mobile Application Services (2 topics)

  • Overview of 3GPP network architecture
  • Wireless network architecture evolution toward NFV and SDN
  • NFV/SDN service chaining

QoE Management Framework for Internet Services in SDN-enabled Mobile Networks (3 topics)

  • State of the art
  • QoE framework architecture
  • Quality monitoring
  • Quality rules
  • QoE enforcement (QEN)
  • Demonstrator

Software Defined Mobility Management for Mobile Internet (1 topic)

  • Internet mobility and problem statement
  • Software defined internet mobility management

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) (3 topics)

  • Architecture of MVNO: An SDMN perspective
  • MNO, MVNE and MVNA interactions with MVNO
  • MVNO developments in 3G, 4G and LTE
  • Cognitive MVNO
  • MVNO business strategies

Software Defined Mobile Network Security (3 topics)

  • Evolving threat landscape for mobile networks
  • Traditional ways to cope with security threats in mobile networks
  • Principle for adequate security for mobile networks
  • Typical security architecture for mobile networks
  • Enhanced security for SDMN
  • SDMN security applications

Security Aspects of SDMN (2 topics)

  • State of the art and security challenges in SDMN architectures
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Other important aspects

SDMN (2 topics)

  • From current mobile networks to SDMN
  • Business roles of SDMN
  • Industry architectures of evolutionary SDMN
  • Industry architectures of revolutionary SDMN

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