5G Architectural System Design

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The stakes are high. 5G has the potential to open new B2B businesses, whilst operators are currently facing a stagnation of their revenues in many developed economies.

Market estimates point at a potential of € 550 billion extra revenues in 2025 from vertical industries, adding to the classical broadband consumer markets. The “connectivity package” released in September 2016 by the European Commission has thus proposed an ambitious strategy for 5G in Europe.

It includes a new connectivity strategy moving Europe in the Gigabit/ s connectivity era, a reform of the telecom regulatory framework with specific spectrum and investment friendly measures, and a 5G Action Plan with a package of actions to put in place the right framework conditions for the launch of 5G in Europe in 2020.

European efforts are indeed key to keep abreast of a fierce global competition. The USA and South Korea have already announced the deployment of early versions of 5G technology in 2018.

Japan plans 5G introductions in 2020, and China pursues a bold technological development plan. These pre‐commercial initiatives are putting high pressure on the quick release of the required standards. In that context, it is imperative that the European 5G strategy targeting vertical markets gets quickly validated, both from a technology and business perspective.


Upon completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the 5G Public Private Partnership (5GPPP)
  • Understand the 5G spectrum usage bandwidth
  • Understand possible new channel models
  • Describe the E2E enablers
  • Describe the 5G transport network
  • Describe the RAN Architecture
  • Understand RAN functional splits
  • Understand the basics of network slicing
  • Understand basic security concepts in 5G
  • Understand traffic steering in 5G
  • Describe the initial access procedure
  • Understand D2Dand V2X communications

Target Audience

The class taregts anyone interested in the current deployment thinking within the 5G environment. Techncal support staff, managers, deployment engineers, planners and sales support.


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Use Cases, Scenarios and their impact on the Mobile Network Ecosystem (4 topics)

  • Main Service Types Considered for 5G
  • 5G Service Requirements
  • Use Cases Considered in NGMN and 5G PPP Projects
  • Envisioned Mobile Network Ecosystem Evolution

Spectrum Usage and Management (5 topics)

  • Spectrum Authorisation and Usage Scenarios
  • Spectrum Bandwidth Demand Determination
  • Frequency Bands for 5G
  • Spectrum Usage Aspects at High Frequencies
  • Spectrum Management

Channel Modelling (2 topics)

  • Core Features of New Channel Models
  • Additional Features of New Channel Models

5G System Architecture and E2E Enablers (4 topics)

  • Enablers and Design Principles
  • E2E Architecture Overview
  • Novel Concepts and Architecture Extensions
  • Internetworking, Migration and Network Evolution

RAN Architecture (6 topics)

  • RAN Architecture Requirements
  • Protocol Stack Architecture and Network Functions
  • Multi-Connectivity
  • RAN Function Splits and Resulting Logical Network Entities
  • Deployment Scenarios and Related Physical RAN Architectures
  • RAN Programmability and Control

Transport Network Architecture (6 topics)

  • Architecture Definition
  • Technology Options and Protocols
  • Functional Split: Fronthaul / Backhaul
  • Self-Backhauling
  • Technology Interfacing and Integration
  • Transport Network Optimisation and Performance Evaluation

Network Slicing (2 topics)

  • Slice Realisation in the Different Network Domains
  • Operational Aspects

Security (3 topics)

  • Threat Landscape
  • 5G Security Requirements
  • 5G Security Architecture

5G Functional Design (6 topics)

  • Antenna, PHY and MAC Design
  • PHY and MAC Design Criteria and Harmonisation
  • Waveform Design
  • Coding Approaches and HARQ
  • Antenna Design, Analogue, Digital and Hybrid Beamforming
  • PHY/MAC Design for Multi-Service Support

Traffic Steering and Resource Management (8 topics)

  • Motivation and Role of Resource Management in 5G
  • Service Classification: A First Step Towards Efficient RM
  • Dynamic Multi-Service Scheduling
  • Fast-Timescale Dynamic Traffic Steering
  • Network-based Interference Management
  • Multi-Slice RM
  • Energy Efficient RAN Moderation
  • UE Context Management

Initial Access, RRC and Mobility (3 topics)

  • Initial Access
  • States and State Handling
  • Mobility

D2D and V2X Communications (7 topics)

  • Technical Status and Standardisation Overview
  • 5G Air Interface Candidate Waveforms for Sidelink Support
  • Device Discovery on Sidelink
  • Sidelink Mobility Management
  • V2X Communication for Road Safety Applications
  • Industrial Implementation of V2X in the Automotive Domain
  • Further Evolution of D2D Communications

Performance Evaluation and Implementation (3 topics)

  • Performance Evaluation Framework
  • Network Energy Efficiency
  • Techno-Economic Evaluation and Analysis of 5G Deployment

Implementation of Hardware and Software Platforms (5 topics)

  • Solutions for Radio Frontend Implementations
  • Solutions for Digital Hardware Implementations
  • Flexible HW/SW Partitioning Solutions for 5G
  • Implementation of SW Platforms
  • Implementation Example: vRAN/C-RAN Architecture in OAI

Standardisations, Trials and Early Commercialisation (3 topics)

  • Standardisation Roadmap
  • Early Deployments
  • Summary

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