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The Angular Development course focuses on using modern Angular to develop single-page web applications. This course teaches the use of Angular directives and expressions in HTML5 documents, writing Angular components, filters and services to build complete Single Page Web Applications (SPA).

This course covers Angular from Version 2 upwards, currently delivered using Version 5. TypeScript is used as the primary language for development and the chosen environment for development is Microsoft Visual Studio Code together with Google Chrome.

Exercises and examples are used throughout the course to give practical hands-on experience with the techniques covered.


The delegate will learn and acquire skills as follows:

  • Creating dynamic data-driven HTML5 templates, views and controllers
  • Coding loosely-coupled modules, controllers and services with TypeScript
  • Creating and utilising models
  • Understanding and using Angular Expressions for data binding
  • Managing Angular components
  • Designing Angular forms
  • Using Ajax to retrieve data
  • Producing reusable custom Angular directives

Target Audience

The Angular Development course is aimed at front-end developers and engineers using Angular, HTML5 and TypeScript along with modern assistive technologies such as Node.js and Git, to develop quality software. Programmers, Designers, Testers, Quality Analysts and anyone who needs a good understanding of the use of Angular within Web development would also benefit.

Additional Information

  • Course technical content is subject to change without notice.
  • Course content is structured as sessions, this does not strictly map to course timings. Concepts, content and practicals often span sessions.

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Angular Precursors (2 topics)

  • Introduction to ES6
  • Using TypeScript

Introducing Angular (6 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Web Components
  • Angular Architecture
  • Angular CLI
  • IDE Options
  • Setup the Angular Environment

Writing Angular Applications (3 topics)

  • Angular by Hand
  • Simple Application Using Angular CLI
  • Deploying the Application

Angular Forms (7 topics)

  • Introduction
  • FormControls & FormGroups
  • A Simple Form
  • FormBuilder
  • Reactive Forms
  • Form Validation
  • Forms and Observables

Dependency Injection (6 topics)

  • DI Example
  • Aspects of DI
  • The Injector
  • Using NgModule
  • Providers
  • DI Review

Angular Templates (5 topics)

  • Interpolation
  • Including Other Components
  • Property Binding
  • Events
  • Built-in Directives

Services (2 topics)

  • Provided Services
  • Creating Services

Routing (6 topics)

  • Role of Routing
  • Simple Routing Example
  • Angular Routing Components
  • Strategies
  • Route Parameters
  • Routing Examples

HTTP Interactions (6 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Simple GET Requests
  • Angular HTTP API
  • Using RequestOptions
  • A CRUD Application
  • Testing

Pipes (2 topics)

  • Using Pipes
  • Creating Custom Pipes

Observables (6 topics)

  • Reactive Programming
  • RxJS
  • Custom Observables
  • Reactive Example
  • A Look at Flux
  • A Look at Redux

Testing Angular Applications (4 topics)

  • Unit Tests
  • Mocking and Faking
  • Tesing Components
  • E2E Testing


Substantial prior experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This knowledge can be obtained by attendance on the pre-requisite HTML & CSS and JavaScript 1 courses.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course.

  • HTML & CSS

    This 2-day course provides the skills required to construct and style a simple responsive web site using HTML and CSS.

    2 Day Course Hands On Training Course Code HCSS
    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online
  • JavaScript 1

    This 3-day course provides the knowledge to be able to add dynamism and interactivity to a web site by producing scripts that exploit all core elements of the JavaScript language.

    3 Day Course Hands On Training Course Code JS1
    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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