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This course focuses on various security-related aspects of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from a system administrator's perspective. Topics covered include, cryptography, aspects for consideration when developing a security policy, as well as the configuration of Novell AppArmor, packet filters, application level gateways, and VPNs using IPSec.

Students will gain hands-on experience on how to administer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 on a broad range of topics from host security and network security to Novell AppArmor, packet filters, and VPNs.

This course is designed for experienced Linux system administrators who are familiar with networking services running on Linux, and who want to improve their skills in planning, designing and managing a secure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 environment. It is also ideal for those students seeking the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 10 certification. If you are seeking the Novell Certified Linux Engineer qualification, you are required to complete the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 certification first.

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General Considerations and Definition of Terms (2 topics)

  • Create a Security Concept
  • Understand Frequently Used Terms

Host Security (7 topics)

  • Limit Physical Access to Server Systems Partitioning and File System Security
  • Limit the Installed Software Packages
  • Configure Security Settings With YaST
  • Stay Informed about Security Issues
  • Apply Security Updates
  • Test and Document the Configuration
  • Use Logging and Accounting

Novell AppArmor (3 topics)

  • Improve Application Security with AppArmor Create and Manage AppArmor Profiles
  • Control AppArmor
  • Monitor AppArmor

Cryptography (3 topics)

  • Basics and Practical Application
  • Create a Certification Authority (CA) and Issue Certificates With CLI Tool
  • Use YaST to Create a Certification Authority (CA) and Issue Certificates GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)

Network Security (4 topics)

  • Understand Services and Protocols
  • Secure Access With TCP Wrapper
  • Use SSL to Secure a Service
  • Secure Clients

General Firewall Design (2 topics)

  • Understand Firewall Concepts and Purpose Describe Components of Firewalls
  • Understand Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Setups

Packet Filters (3 topics)

  • Understand Packet Filters
  • Understand iptables Basics
  • Understand iptables Advanced Features Understand Network Address Translation

Application-Level Gateways (4 topics)

  • Application-Level Gateway Basics
  • Configure and Use Squid
  • Configure and Use Dante
  • Configure and Use rinetd

Virtual Private Networks (3 topics)

  • VPN and IPSec Basics
  • Configure and Establish an IPSec Connection
  • Understand Packet Filtering of IPSec Traffic

Intrusion Detection and Incident Response (2 topics)

  • Log Files and Their Evaluation Host-Based Intrusion Detection
  • Network-Based Intrusion Detection, Incident Response

Live Fire Exercise (1 topic)

  • Course Testing Information


A detailed understanding of the network protocols is essential for the design and configuration of firewalls. Additionally, the information found in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 : Networking Services (Course 3074) is key to be able to perform effective security tasks.

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