Managing UCS Domains at Scale with UCS Central

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This lab-intensive course introduces learners to the knowledge required to deploy and utilize Cisco UCS Central to manage multiple Cisco domains of UCS Manager Classic, UCS Mini and the Cisco UCS M-Series modular servers.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe Cisco UCS hardware components and Cisco UCS Manager policy-based management via service profiles and server pools
  • Describe Cisco UCS Central conceptual framework, benefits of multiple domain management, common use cases and integration of Cisco UCS Central with Cisco UCS Director
  • Deploy Cisco UCS Central for high availability
  • Register domains and set up domain groups
  • Perform ongoing operations configuration tasks including role and locale; backup and export; monitoring and centralized inventory
  • Administer global service profiles, pools and policies; networking templates and connectivity policies; VLAN aliasing
  • Transition to UCS Central: perform the steps and describe best practices

Target Audience

Individuals involved in the Management of Cisco UCS Domains with Cisco UCS Central.

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Managing UCS Domains at Scale with UCS Central (8 topics)

  • Managing with Cisco UCS Manager
  • Managing with Cisco UCS Central
  • Deploying wth Cisco UCS Central
  • Registering Domains in Cisco UCS Central
  • Operating Cisco UCS Central
  • Monitoring with Cisco UCS Central
  • Administering Global Profiles, Pools and Policies
  • Transitioning to Cisco UCS Central

Labs (11 topics)

  • Lab 1: Cisco UCS Central Labs Login and Initial Setup
  • Lab 2: Explore Cisco UCS Manager (Classic), UCS Mini, and UCS M Server Initial Configuration
  • Lab 3: Initial Cisco UCS Central Configuration
  • Lab 4: Cisco UCS Central Domain Registration
  • Lab 5: Cisco UCS Central Role-Based Access Control and LDAP
  • Lab 6: Cisco UCS Central Schedule Backups and Configuration Exports
  • Lab 7: Create Cisco UCS Central Global Resource Pools
  • Lab 8: Create Cisco UCS Central Global Policies
  • Lab 9: Create Cisco UCS Central Networking Templates and Connectivity Policies
  • Lab 10: Create and Use Cisco UCS Central Global Service Profile Templates
  • Lab 11: Use Cisco UCS Central Connectivity Templates for VLAN Aliasing


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Experience managing Cisco Domains with Cisco UCS Manager  - DCUCI Recommended

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