BCS Professional Certificate in Benefits Planning and Realisation

3 Day Course
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This course is intended to enable business analysts to understand the lifecycle, activities and techniques used in the definition, planning and realisation of business benefits. The business benefits are identified and predicted to result from the introduction of business and information system changes. Understanding how to manage benefits in order to enable their realisation is critical for business analysts working in all aspects of the business change lifecycle.

Key areas of the course include:

  • The context for benefits management
  • A process/lifecycle for benefits management
  • The benefits dependency network
  • Building the business case
  • Stakeholders and the change process, including owners for the change and the benefits
  • Implementation of the benefits management lifecycle
  • Examination on the afternoon of day 3

Please do note that the course timetable is designed to include coverage of new content up to around mid-afternoon on day 3. Delegates should be prepared to spend around 1 -2 hours per evening on homework and revision activities. This may include
activities set by the instructor as appropriate.


  • Recognise the context for benefits management and define a process for benefits management
  • Identify organisational drivers
  • Identify and classify business benefits
  • Construct a benefits dependency network
  • Build a business case and undertake an investment appraisal
  • Recognise the need for stakeholder and change management
  • Explain the task needed to implement a benefits management approach
  • Predict future issues in benefits management

Target Audience

This certification is relevant for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of the process and techniques used to plan, manage and realise business benefits which are predicted to result from business change initiatives. This certification is particularly relevant for business analysts, project managers, programme managers and business managers.
Note that if you are intending to work towards the BCS Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis then you must already have the International Diploma in Business Analysis.

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The context for benefits management (3 topics)

  • Issues with the delivery of IT and benefits realisation
  • Characteristics of a benefits management approach
  • Value proposition and value chains

The benefits management lifecycle - overview (5 topics)

  • Identify and structure benefits
  • Plan benefits realisation
  • Execute the benefits plan
  • Review and evaluate the results
  • Establish the potential for further benefits

The benefits dependency network (4 topics)

  • The why - Identify business and organisational drivers
  • Investment objectives
  • The what - Business benefits and owners
  • The how - the benefits dependency network

Building the business case (3 topics)

  • The rationale
  • Analysing and describing benefits : Observable, Measurable, Quantifiable, Financial
  • Investment appraisal, risk assessment and completing the business case

Stakeholders and change management (3 topics)

  • Achieving the benefits with the stakeholders
  • Tools for assessing the stakeholders
  • Change management strategies

Implementing the benefits management approach (4 topics)

  • The benefits-driven approach
  • Benefits management roles
  • Managing workshops
  • Reviewing benefits, further benefits and monitoring


Prerequisites for Benefits Planning and Realisation:

This 3-day specialist course leads to the BCS Professional Certificate in Benefits Planning and Realisation.

An understanding of projects and change management activities would be useful but is not essential.

Prerequisites for including this course as part of the Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis:

This course is one of the 4 BCS professional certificates offered which can be combined and lead to the Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis.

If you are planning to work towards obtaining the Advanced Diploma then you must already hold the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis and provide further evidential criteria, see below for details.

Exam Requirements:

If you are taking a BCS exam you must bring photographic identification with you (passport, driving license or student card), as it is a BCS requirement to produce it for the invigilator prior to the exam. Failure to produce a valid form of photographic identification will result in a candidate not being able to sit the exam. For any questions about what form of identification is acceptable please contact your Account Manager.

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