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Service Integration and Management (SIAM®) is a management framework used to manage multiple service providers and to integrate them seamlessly to provide a single business-facing IT organisation. This three-day course, designed by QA's industry leading service management experts, is fully accredited by BCS EXIN and provides you with an initial foundation level introduction to SIAM® terminology and core principles.


Candidates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Service Integration and an understanding of bringing together multiple service providers to strive for a common goal, in order to support the client organisations’ agreed objectives for service delivery.

Specific Learning Objectives of the SIAM® Foundation Certificate address the following areas:

1 - Introduction to Service Integration and Management (SIAM®)

2 - SIAM® implementation roadmap

3 - SIAM® and its relation to other management practices

4 - SIAM® roles and responsibilities

5 - SIAM® practices

6 - Processes to support SIAM®

7 - SIAM® challenges and risks

Additional Information


There is a 60 minute, 40 question, multiple choice, closed book exam associated with this qualification to be taken on the afternoon of day 3 of the course. The pass mark for this exam is 65% (26 out of 40).

SIAM® is a registered trademark of EXIN (reg. nr. 723940)

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Introduction to Service Integration and Management [SIAM®] (4 topics)

  • Outline the SIAM® fundamentals
  • Outline the purpose and value of a SIAM® approach
  • Describe (business) drivers for SIAM®
  • Describe the SIAM® methodology and the various structures suggested for the service integrator layer

Service Integration and Management Implementation Roadmap (5 topics)

  • List the SIAM® implementation key stages and explain the main objectives and activities of these stages.
  • Outline the main objectives, triggers, inputs, activities and outputs in the discovery and strategy stage.
  • Outline the main objectives, triggers, inputs, activities and outputs in the plan and build stage.
  • Outline the main objectives, triggers, inputs, activities and outputs in the implement stage.
  • Outline the main objectives, triggers, inputs, activities and outputs in the run and improve stage.

Service Integration and Management roles and responsibilities (2 topics)

  • Explain SIAM® roles and responsibilities.
  • Explain the SIAM® structural elements.

Service Integration and Management practices (4 topics)

  • Describe the people practices of managing cross functional teams.
  • Describe the process practices of integrating processes across service providers.
  • Describe the measurement practices of enabling and reporting on End to End Services.
  • Describe the technology practices of creating a tooling strategy.

Processes to support Service Integration and Management (2 topics)

  • Outline the function of processes in a SIAM® ecosystem.
  • Understand the objectives and SIAM® considerations of the main processes that support Service Integration and Management.

Service Integration and Management challenges and risks (7 topics)

  • Describe the importance of building the business case, the associated risks and mitigations.
  • Describe the importance of culture, collaboration and cooperation, the associated risks and mitigations.
  • Describe the importance of level of control and ownership, the associated challenges and mitigations.
  • Outline the importance of security, the associated risks and mitigations.
  • Describe the challenges associated with measuring success and its mitigations.
  • Describe the importance of trust/eliminating micro-management and level of control, the associated risks and mitigations.
  • Define the commercial challenges, the challenges with legacy contracts and their mitigations.

Service Integration and Management and other practices (1 topic)

  • Describe the contribution of the following frameworks and standards to a SIAM® ecosystem: IT service management including ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000, Agile, including Agile Service Management, DevOps, COBIT and Lean.


There are no specific pre-requisites for entry to this course and exam. However it is strongly recommended that candidates have good knowledge of IT Service Management terminology, for instance through a recognized IT Service Management framework.

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