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This course is the first in the CLP curriculum developed for SUSE Enterprise Server 10. This course guides students who have no experience with Linux though the main concepts of Open Source software and Linux using the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Students will learn the concepts of Open Source and Linux as well as fundamental knowledge necessary to administer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. These fundamental tasks are prerequisites to the course SUSE Linux Administration (Course 3072) and all other classes on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. These are also essential and prerequisite to learning the skills of an entry level Linux administrator or help desk technician in an enterprise environment.

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, you will understand key Open Source concepts and will be able to carry out fundamental administration tasks such as:

- Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and knowing where to find help when having problems
- Understanding the basic concepts of bash and the file system
- Managing users and permissions

This course along with the skills taught in SUSE Linux Administration (Course 3072) and SUSE Linux Advanced Administration (Course 3073) prepares you to take the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 (Novell CLP10) Practicum Exam (050-697).

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Course Topics: (8 topics)

  • Understand the Linux Story
  • Use the Linux Desktop
  • Administer Linux with YaST
  • Locate and Use Help Resources
  • Manage Directories and Files
  • Work with the Linux Shell and Command Line
  • Use Linux Text Editors
  • Manage User, Groups and Permissions


This course is designed for beginners with the Linux operating system. Students are required to have only basic computer skills on any operating system. Knowledge of a desktop operating system is sufficient. This course is ideal for those who have little or no experience with Linux and who are seeking a fundamental understanding of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 operating system. It is also ideal for those who want to begin preparing for the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 Practicum Exam.

Relevant Certifications

  • Novell Certified Linux Professional (Novell CLP) certification validates to your current and potential employers that you have what it takes to begin your successful career as a Linux administrator
  • The Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) is a new certification and provides the day-to-day administration of installed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server networks.

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